Saturday, December 29, 2012

GZG "Grav" Van - Fan Van conversion Build-Up

The first finished Grav Van

The grav plates attached to the side, along with one of the doors.

The front, showing the cockpit and the mini-gun

The extra pieces I don't use.  The VTOL fans and the landing gear.

The pieces left of the base kit.

The small grav plates that I use.

I also ordered the large grav plates, but didn't use them.

Attaching the top part.

Showing the four posts before I remove them.

I clip them flat.

The unmodified grav plate.

I clip at a 45' angle, with the angled part of the grav plate at the top.

I apply kicker to the grav plate post with the end of the bottle tube, this keeps the kicker from getting everywhere.

Two down, two to go.

Attaching the front mini-gun.

And the two completed Grav Vans!  They remind me of a militarized star trek shuttle, I really like them. I'll probably do a light grey scheme on them.