Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Gem Effect" Tutorial - Painting 15mm Visors on the "Hell Divers"

Hi everyone,

I've been painting up some of my Hell Divers, and I decided to do a "Gem" effect on the visor.

Here is an example of two painted visors:

I start with a dark blue, almost black as the base (mixing the base blue and black):

Then, highlighting from "bottom to top" I paint the base blue in the bottom and left corners:

An example of what my palette looks like:

Next, I add a bit of white, and then do a thin line (about half of the base blue width) along the left edge.  If you do too much, you can black line it, or use a wash (like Army Painter Dark Tone) to get the black outline around the visor again.

What my palette looks like after adding white:

Adding a bit more white gives me a very light blue color, and I add that as thin as I can to the lower left edge:

After that, I add two dots of white to the upper right part.  This usually takes me two or three tries to get it nice and round and where I want.  If you need to go over it just mix a bit of your base with black to get the color back so you can try the white dot again:

After that I will add a gloss coat to make it even shinier, since in 15mm I find that it really helps add a focal point to the face.

And here is a picture from the side:

I originally tried red, but it made them look a bit too like evil henchmen (Cobra!!), so I'm very happy with the blue, works well with the khaki scheme too.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Another painted Hell Diver. Decal test with Khaki

Trying something a little different: 

I think the decal works well on this color.  What do you guys think of the faceplate?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Why yes, that decal is 1mm tall...

So, I made some decals for my Hell Divers based off of:

The shoulder pad of my Hell Divers was just over 1mm tall, so the decal had to be 1mm tall.  I wasn't sure if the resolution would work out on the printer, but I printed them and it seemed to be ok:

And here it is on the shoulder pad:

I'm very happy how it turned out!  It takes a minute, but I think it looks nice, and it fits well.

Also, here are some comparison pictures.

Khurasan Miniatures Space Demon, Rebel Minis Drop Troops, Hell Diver, GZG UNSC, Hell Diver

Khurasan Miniatures Space Demon, Rebel Minis Drop Troops, Hell Diver, GZG UNSC, Hell Diver

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hell Divers Bare all!

Hi all,

In case you guys wanted to see a better view of each of the minis, here you go!

I'd love to hear any feedback on what you think of the image, or what other images/photos you think I should do.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Hell Divers - Colony Recon Mission

The Hell Divers conduct a Recon Mission

I'll be painting up the rest of the miniatures this weekend... and I hope to make some decals (tiny, tiny decals) tomorrow for their shoulder pads.

It'll be this:

Operational Detachment Alpha deploys from the drop pod.

I might try and go back and do some lining work, but the more I look at these the more I like 'em.

Light grey basecoat, Army Painter Strong tone, army painting khaki color painted for the pouches and such.

Maybe I'll add some decals to their shoulders too...

What do you guys think?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Got a package in the mail yesterday.

Just need to finish up the painted squads, but here are the bare metal figures inked...  This week will be packaging and shipping the pre-orders and releasing them for sale!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Last chance for Pre-Orders - 15mm Hell Divers

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know that this is the last week for pre-order specials for the hell divers.


They are being cast up right now, and should be on their way to me this week.

Operational Squad $10.99 USD or Operational Squad with Support Squad $14.99 USD

(With free Sniper team!)
12 Unique Figures
(2) Command Figures
(2) SAW Gunners
(8) Riflemen

(a WIP shot)

Operational Squad with Sniper Team and two AT Teams. Also a free extra Sniper Team.

All figures come with a separate backpack.

Designed to fight in two distinct fire teams that arrived via Drop Pods, the Hell Divers follow an organization very similar to modern Special Forces units.

Drop Ops Pack $60.99 USD

3x Drop Pods
3x Operational Squads

As a pre-order bonus you get a support squad ($5.99) for free!:

Sniper Team [Sniper/Spotter]

(2) AT Teams [Figure with AT weapon and Riflemen


Saturday, October 12, 2013

WIP: Opposition Forces: ARM Corp Security Contingent

Hi everyone,

While I await my Hell Divers to arrive next week (!) I've been working on a small force of ARM Corp Security forces based on the story and scenario I have written up.

You can see the Satlink that they are guarding in the back.   I'll have to build up the unit cards for these guys soon. It'll probably be around 70 points or so.

The troops are Rebel Minis drop troopers and the vehicles are from GZG.

I still have a lot of detail work and decals to do...

Two squads of (8) from Rebel Minis

The full force with the satlink in back and base defense up front.

The vehicles and base defenses. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A short story for a scenario...

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share a quick story I wrote that I plan on making into a Gruntz Scenario.   I enjoyed writing it and might actually expand it at some point.  Regardless, feedback is always welcome, especially if you have any ideas for the scenarios or future ones!

A slight rain fell in the darkness as the second moon started to pass behind the horizon. The red glow of magma vents to the northeast could now be seen illuminating the clouds above their position. In front of them, in the valley, was the FTL Satlink facility and even at this great distance the hum from the machinery could be heard.