Sunday, November 9, 2014

New city tiles from GameCraft Miniatures

New city tiles from GameCraft Miniatures!

These tiles are awesome, 1' x 1' and with a really cool styling, perfect for city games.

Taskforce 414 exits a hovering Raven VTOL in New Berlin...

Expanding ECM/Fog of War in Gruntz...

So, there is already a great neural net system in gruntz, but I was thinking about ways to expand it and provide a bit of fog of war.

I'm thinking instead of units on a table each unit would be represented by a numbered token, and each army would get two dummy tokens.

Until a neural net roll is made you have to have LOS to a token to uncover it. Each unit can make a roll as an action, specialized units get bonuses. The rolls would be opposed, with a target number of 10.  The attacking (sensing) unit would have to beat 10 AND also beat the opponent.

The skill stat would govern these checks and there would be perks for improved or less ECM capabilities or stealth.

Some perk ideas:

Advanced Sensors

The BOGINT perk would give an extra token.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Taskforce 414 making entry in a search for a HVT

Location: Vexron City, New Altran Colony
Time: 0840 Local Time

Taskforce 414 Operatives conduct building search for HVT.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

[WIP] Taskforce 414 Operatives...

Still have the heads and matte varnish to do... And then putting them on bases.

I'm going to put them on my laser cut acrylic bases, but haven't decided whether to have them on clear bases or painted bases.

What do you folks think of clear bases?

This is a painted version of the base i'll be using:

Monday, November 3, 2014


The Aurora class shuttle transitioned through the field barrier of landing bay Baker-9 of the Deep Space Orbital Research Facility. Through skillful navigation and the advanced technical specifications of the Aurora the craft was able to land without setting off any alarms.

The nacelles angled downwards and the craft settled on the landing bay floor, the interior pressure equalized with the bay’s ambient pressure.  As the pressure equalized the ramp’s locking clamps disengaged and the ramp slowly folded down exposing a dark interior lit only by multi-colored status lights.

Without a sound a white pistol exposed itself from the interior, scanning the landing bay for any hostiles, it held its aim for a few moments before deciding that there was going to be no welcoming party.

The Operative slowly moved from the interior down the ramp with a super-natural grace. The red body suit offset by the back shoulder pads and accents. The mechanical spinal implant glistened with chrome as it flexed during the movement.

There was no mistaking the deadliness of this Operative and she had a job to do.


The Aurora Stealth VTOL is available for pre-order now and comes with an unreleased covert ops team.  Available at

WIP - Corporate Operative and Aurora Stealth Shuttle

I'm working on the corporate version of the new, upcoming VTOL, the Aurora:

I'm painting the agent in the same colors. I'd imagine this belongs to an executive, or possibly a corporate "cleaner"...

Feedback is welcome!

It is still available for pre-order here: and it comes with an unreleased, free, covert operates pack. (normally $2.99)