Saturday, March 30, 2013

AW Komodo, Warthog, and CMG Arc Fleet

Hi everyone,

Starting up my new force here:

The infantry is CMG Arc Fleet Recon Trooper.  The walker is a 28mm Komodo Assault suit from Antenocitis Workshop.

Comments and suggestions always welcome!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Antenocitis Workshop 15mm Warthog - Painted

Hi everyone,

I received my 15mm Warthog from Antenocitis Workshop the other day, and I gotta say it's one of my favorite pieces of kit.

An incredibly well cast, and well sculpted vehicle.

A resin body and a white metal gun, wheels/suspension and a front bumper.

I would like to get a couple more of these.

I painted it by priming with grey, placing masking (that I cut into jagged lines), and then a dark almost black spray.  I then highlighted and placed decals.

As requested, here are a couple of compassion pictures of a AW Warthog and a KM polecat:

New buildings from Electrical Boxes and ANTENOCITI'S WORKSHOP terrain bits.

I built up some buildings with the help of my buddy, Flick, last night.  I used a bunch of terrain pieces from Antenocitis Workshop.  The doors and windows and grills and such were really well cast and a great bargin, since you get a bunch in the packs. 

This is from an inkjet cartridge shipping container. 

This is from MicroPanzer. 

Electrical boxes. We used a heat gun to soften the grill on the side, and then stuck it on to get the curve.

And the first set.  Really easy and they look great on the table!

Now I need to buy more electrical boxes!  :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rebel Minis and Khurasan Miniatures - NuCoal Security Forces

The vehicle is a MATV Comanche from Rebel Minis and the infantry are the Khurasan Miniatures Federal Security Troopers.

The decals on the vehicles are from DP9.

I also added aerials from a brush I have sitting around :)

I need to order at least two more of these!

As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Planets and Asteroids, Oh my!

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick post, I made some planets and asteroid habitats that I wanted to share:

And now my favorite ones:

Tutorial at: