Tuesday, April 28, 2015

HADES Operative in Multicam

Hi everyone!

Here is my take on a multi-cam uniform:

I started with the base layer of baneblade brown,

Then I did oak brown large splotches
Then I did large splotches of Brown Violet
Then I did small squiggly lines (very fine, go back over with brown violet if too thick) with black
Then I did little non-uniform dots of Dark Sand.
Then I did a very watered down (like 5:1) coat of the Brown Violet. This really brought it together.
Then I did a watered down (3:1) wash of Strong tone.

And feedback or critiques are welcome!

What do you folks think?  Do you guys prefer the grey exo-skeleton, or the tan one?

figure from http://www.clearhorizonminiatures.com