Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Unmaned Sensor Drone Recovery

The above was taken by an automated sensor drone that had crashed on a small moon. The ClearHorizon Salvage team was able to recover the drone without any complications.

The team are wearing Mk VII All-Purpose EVA suits and are armed with a variety of defensive weapons and sensor technology.

The Vehicle is an EV-1 All-Terrain exploration vehicle.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Hire Orientation

ClearHorizon Salvage®
“Making a better tomorrow out of yesterday.”

+++Loading New-Hire Orientation Program
+++Loading….Time of day? 0621 HRS GST
+++Loading…Please Wait… Loading…

Good Morning [Employee name fail…loading default] new hire! Welcome to ClearHorizon® Salvage Operations Outpost 46-ZM.

As your shuttle ride towards the surface continues, please listen to the following new-hire orientation program that will ensure the best possible work environment for yourself and your new co-workers.

Outpost 46-ZM is a class R Salvage outpost. That means that there are six primary building types. All structures have been pre-fabricated off-sight and dropped in to ensure employee comfort.

In addition all ClearHorizon® class R Salvage outposts have a full compliment in both automated and semi-automated salvage equipment and droids.

There are two Barracks units, an Equipment and Administration unit, a Maintenance shed (for both machinery and locally assigned spacecraft), a medical bay (with the most up-to-date medical equipment and medi-droids), and a base recreation lounge and exchange (serving a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages). Re-supply occurs on a bi-monthly basis. Please check with Supply Section in the Administration unit to confirm exact times.

Each Barrack unit is double assigned to help conserve space. During your three-day shift group B will occupy your slot and vice versa. Please ensure to maintain a tidy living area in consideration of your co-workers.

[Loading previous experience…assignment…complete] Because of your prior service in the FedCom military you have been assigned to On-Board Salvage assignments. Your previous training has already prepared you for derelict salvage operations with potential hostilities. Please see the Equipment and Administration unit to arrange for weapon and equipment checkout. And remember; always wear your environmental suit! Not only is it a good idea, its regulations!

[Loading contract information…complete]Also, remember your contract is for one full GST year, with a company option to extend for another three months, if you have any questions please contact the Contract and Payroll section in the Administration unit.

A full dossier of your co-workers and a map of the outpost will be provided upon checking in.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy your tour with ClearHorizon® Salvage Operations!