Monday, July 30, 2012

Khurasan Miniatures Kestrel - Sci-Fi VTOL "Little Bird"

I got, and finished my Kestrels today:

They are really awesome, i'll be ordering from GZG soon, and i'll be getting these too:

They'll be sitting on the running boards:

I envision it as a Sci-Fi little bird, that can drop a team of 4 special forces types... Stealth and a chin mounted  plasma gun, along with some missiles give it a bite...

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Prehistoric - 10mm Style! First "Caveman" Finished

I have an urge to start a small prehistoric/pulp dinosaur and cavemen collection. I settled on 10mm since I didn't want it taking up much space.

I ordered a bunch from Magister Militum and they arrived today. Really great looking stuff!

Here is my first caveman. He is the leader of the tribe, and wears the coat of the great beast he defeated in combat!

Monday, July 23, 2012

And now for something a little different - GZG NAC WIP

So... I'm currently saving up for/wishing for the Hammer's Slammer boxed starter set and rules, so I figued i'd finally paint up some of the GZG NAC that I have.

I've been hankering to build up a small military force since I have been doing just single figures, and I ordered the NAC a while ago.  I painted up some  of the casualty figures and really liked the random color scheme I came up with.  I painted up a Drone and one rfileman tonight as a test and I'm happy on how they came out.

I don't really know much about Hammer's Slammers, I'll be picking up the books shortly.  But I like the reviews of The Crucible and the beautiful book.  I am happy to make up my own /adapt a universe to the rules...

First paint up...

The Drone, a riflemen, and two casualties. 

The rest... about 2 squads (9 each), a command squad, and some drone specialists worth.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

More City Pictures and Shadowrunners

Some clearer shots with almost all of my stuff setup:

Just a little less than 2ft x 2ft...

For Sale: Epic 40K Armored Company with Inquisitor Stormtroops and Transports

In case anyone is interested:

I'm looking for $200, but I will accept any reasonable offers.

Shipping will be whatever the cost is.

If interested, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail at harold (at) hotk (dot) org


Note: All in good shape, a couple of little scratches here and there, but nothing huge.

4 x Bombards

4 x Vultures

3 x Valkyries

6 x Sentinels

6 x Stands Stormtroopers

3 x Hellhounds

1 x Shadowsword

9 x Leman Russ
1 x Vanquisher


9 x Leman Russ
1 x Vanquisher

Paypal is preferred.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Shadowrun City Board - Update

Well, I'm pretty much done with what I wanted to get for the board.  I just got light poles and stop lights, along with that I made some fences.

Added an overpass, posters, and random trash.  I want to add more advertising, and maybe a billboard or two...

The buildings are a combination of Old Crow apartments and GZG shacks. The accessories, neon light (the lights are animated!) along with the 'overpass' are HO scale railroad/architectural pieces. The boards are slightly (80%) scaled down worldworksgames streets of legend tiles glued onto corkboard. The vehicles are from Khurasan Miniatures and

Let me know what you think!

Building on fire...

Old building on fire.  Lights from Target, LED with battery pack...

The interior:

Friday, July 13, 2012

5150: Shadowrun PDF Rules

Hey All,

Finished my 5150: Shadowrun rules.  This adds meta-humans and Magic to 5150: New Beginnings.  Any feedback would be appreciated!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Neon signs and concrete embankments...

Finished the concrete bridge I got today too...

Neon Sign

Got a really cool neon sign for my building.  It came with a bunch of graphics (5 or so) and I use the hollow interior to store the battery pack and circuit board.  It has an on and off switch and about 25 different flashing patterns.

It's really cool, and i'd like to get more!

Thanks to my wife for taking a really cool picture!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

5150: Shadowrun - Metahumans

Comments and suggestions welcome! :)

Shadowrun Meta-humans Characters and Grunts can be a meta-human type.

When generating grunts and PEFs roll on a 2D6.

 On a result of 11 or 12 roll 1D6 on the following table: 
1 Human
2 Dwarf
3 Ork
4 Troll
5 Elf
6 Human

When making a character you can pay to be a meta-human by spending 2 REP worth of items.
For example: a REP 5 character would spend 6 items to become a troll. Types:

Note: AA refers to Alien Attribute Tables and BA refers to Basic Attribute Tables. # is the position on the table


  • Charismatic (BA 2 #1)
  • Agile (BA 1 #1)
  • Rapid (AA 2 #3)

  • Infrared Vision (AA 1, #6)
  • Brick Wall  (AA 1, #1)
  • Dim  (BA 2, #5)
  • Brawler  (BA 1, #6)
  • Resilient  (BA 4, #6)
  • Shy [count as appearance]  (BA 5, #2)
  • Infrared Vision  (AA 1, #6)
  • Heightened Sense   (AA 1, #5)
  • Slow Mover   (AA 2, #5)
  • Tough   (BA 6, #4)

5150: Shadowrun - Magic Users

Here is my first draft of my Magic rules for my 5150: NB mod, 5150: Shadowrun, any feedback would be very much appreciated!

A Star or Grunt can be a magic user.

New Skill: Magic
(Chose the same as "How Proficient in Skill" pg 12)

If Magic = 3 or greater then the character is a full magic user (can cast spells)
If Magic = 1 or 2 then the character is an adept (no spells, uses magic similar to enhancements)

Every enhancement reduces the maximum magic skill by:

Enhancement              Magic Skill Max
   1                                  REP
   2                                  REP -1
   3                                  REP -2
   4                                  REP -3
   5                                  REP -4
   6                                  REP -5

And the magic skill die pool for checks by -1D6. When magic die pool = 0 then the character can no longer cast spells or use adept powers.
For example, a magic user with 2 enhancements will have a max magic skill of REP-1 and a penalty of -2d6 for all magic skill rolls.

Spells: (All spells require LOS).
Spells are selected from "Item" pool. A magic user can have a max number of spells of REP/2.

Direct Damage (e.g. Mana Bolt)
Area Damage (e.g. Hellblast)
Illusion (e,g, Invisibility)
Conjuring, Summoning (summon a spirit, basically allows to generate a grunt)
Protection (e.g. Bulletshield)
Counterspell, dispell
Movement (e.g. levitate)
Manipulate (e.g. charm)

To cast a spell:
Choose spell force: +3D6, +2D6, +1D6

+3D6: after spell is cast (whether successful or not) take a magic skill vs. recover from knockdown test, treat 0D6 as 1D6

+2D6: after spell is cast (whether successful or not) take a magic skill vs. recover from knockdown test, treat 0D6 and 1D6 as 2D6

+1D6: no extra test needed

Roll Magic Skill + spell force

0D6 - Spell casting fails

1D6 - Spell minor effect per spell description

2D6 - Spell major effect per spell description

Next up, spell descriptions!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

To Do List - Rules and Terrain... Ideas welcome :)

Well, I have a short list of things I want to do...

1)  Rules-wise:

  • Figure out a way to incorporate shadowrun-like magic into 5150: NB (Invisibility, mana bolt, armor, etc)
  • Use the existing "alien" attribute rules to make packages for each meta-human race
2) Terrain

After looking at this concept art for Shadowrun Returns:

The thing I really like about this images are all the cables strung everywhere.  I'm going to try and use wooden dowels, with a grain and stain, along with black thread to try and replicate something like this that is still playable.

The other thing I need is advertising.  I need neon signs, billboards, etc.

Any suggestions?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Two Hour Wargames - After the Horseman. Initial Thoughts.

I picked up the PDF (and ordered the print version) of THW - ATH... and I gotta say it is a pretty awesome set of rules.

It's the most clear and well though-out ruleset from THW so far (and I really like all of their stuff).  Reading through the campaign and character sections, it was really easy to envision a wasteland or fallout-type game.

I will definitely be building some wasteland terrain (that can double as shadowrun stuff, probably) here shortly to try out some games!

I like the idea of doing a Book of Eli type game...

Friday, July 6, 2012

15mm Shadowrun - Lone Star Swat LAV (Hovercraft)

A GZG command hovercraft... I was really excited when I ordered this, and I'm very pleased on how it turned out: