Monday, April 30, 2012

Behind the Scenes on Alien

I saw this link to some behind the scene pictures for the SFX on Alien... some really cool ideas...

The Department - AAR - Shake Some Bushes

Flick and I have started our "The Department" campaign.  We ran through a couple missions the other night, and here's our first (quick) AAR.

We each have a detective (i'll post up our characters later) and we have done three missions so far.

Legwork - A low level mission to gather evidence
Murder Scene - attempt to clear out crowds and investigate a murder
Drug Bust - take out a drug dealer.

It was just a mission to gather some evidence. The person of interest ran from us, but wasn't a suspect.

Gamecraft Laser cut MDF - Landing Pad

Here are pictures of my first Gamecraft painted landing pad.

I used black primer, then a combination of GW paints and washes..

I've very happy with how it's turned out... I might end up added some decals to it though.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gamecraft 15mm Tomorrow's War Buildings...

I quite like these, even though I wasn't sure about MDF board...

No gaps at all even though they go together like puzzle pieces.

Not difficult at all mind you, in fact they were very easy to put together, they make it very hard for you to put it together wrong.

I used white glue for the landing pad, but then I switched to super glue, it was much quicker and worked just fine.

Here are the pics before I painted them:

The roof is cardstock (I think) with laser etching, I tied it while it was drying.

The Landing pad is very cool...

And perfect size!  The spaceship fits on there great!

They are quite a bit bigger than the GZG buildings, although the doors are the same size, I think they will fit in just fine, since I'll be giving them the same paint scheme.

Some comparison shots with a 15mm figure on a base:

I really like these, and I look forward to ordering more! They are really cost effective too.

Spaceship Interior WIP - Update

It's moving right along...


Hello all!

I'm going to try a trial thing of putting an Adsense ad in the small upper right corner...

If this ends up being distracting, or stupid, or whatever, then i'll take it off...

Please let me know if you have any comments, or feelings about this!


Gamecraft 15mm MDF Laser Cut Terrain - Initial Impressions

I ordered the 15mm landing pad, 2 of the Human Refugee huts, a small module, and a garage module. Along with the 3D additions to it.


They went together really quick, and look great! I'm especially happy with the landing pad, as it fits my Khurasan Miniatures spaceship perfectly.

I'll be posting up some pictures tonight on my blog, and I'll be painting them up on Thursday.

I look forward to ordering more from GameCraft, really cool stuff.

Because it's MDF laser cut, it has a slight camp fire/smokehouse smell to it... it'll be interesting to see how long that takes to dissipate.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Way too awesome... I need to make some spaceship corridors with the white walls... like this:

Hmmmm.... a new project!   Maybe plasticard?

Monday, April 16, 2012

From TMP: "15mm Investigators and Fabricant for The Department Previews"

"The Department" got funded... and now they have some really cool 15mm miniatures upcoming:

From TMP: "A few quick previews for The Department official miniatures. These figures are 15mm and are being sold through our partner Effigy Miniatures.

These should be released as soon as they get back form the casters in early May.

Thanks for looking.

Some really neat stuff there!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Strange Aeons : Anomaly Detected - Teaser and Scenario

And the scenario:

Anomaly Detected

“The automated beacon sounded again and the Threshold Agents could hear the distress signal from the classified research vessel in the helmet radios as they suited up.” 

+++ Attention All Ships, General Distress Beacon, Do Not Attempt Rescue, Lockdown Code 198Foxtrot, Repeat, Do Not Attempt Rescue, Maintain a Two Thousand Kilometer Distance.+++

“The agents knew something had gone horribly wrong, the only way to find out what was to board the ship and bring back the ship’s log.”

The airlock hissed open as the agents double checked their weaponry, oxygen and power packs.  It was quiet and dark, except for the flashing alarms.  The Agents stepped aboard…

Requirements: None 

Lurkers: Only Night-gaunts (Aliens)  and Tcho-Tcho’s (Face Huggers) may be used. 

Set Up: The Threshold and Lurker players setup the interior of the research spaceship to a mutual satisfaction.  There should be at least 2 or 3 ‘arms’ to branch out and the more cover the better.  The Lurker places two ‘dead’ tokens anywhere on the board but at least 10 inches from each other.  The Threshold player than places the third ‘dead’ token anywhere on the board at least 10 inches from any other ‘dead’ tokens and 10 inches from the threshold starting location.  

Special RulesThe Lurkers start with a number of “Anomaly Detected” counters equal to the number of models they have plus 1.  Each counter is numbered, and the Lurker player assigns each counter to a model with one extra counter that goes unassigned and should be used to confuse the Threshold player on the actual location of Lurker models.

The Threshold player sets his forces up within 3 inches of the starting airlock.

The Lurker player sets up his forces anywhere on the board out of LOS of the Threshold models.  The assigned counters acts just like the models they represent. The extra counter activates and moves just as any other model but can only take move actions.  Once any counter is in line of sight of a Threshold model then it is replaced by the actual miniature, or removed if it is the extra counter.

The Threshold player must examine each ‘dead’ token and retrieve the data tape.  Each time a Threshold model is in base contact with a ‘dead’ token it may use one of its actions to search.  The Threshold player rolls a D6 and on a roll of 5 or 6 the data tape is located. Otherwise the tape is not on this token.  The tape is automatically found on the last ‘dead’ token searched if it has not been found already. 

If a Threshold model is taken off the table the data tape remains in the location where the model fell. 

Starting The Game: The Threshold player goes first. 

Ending The Game: The game continues until all the models from one side have been removed from the table or a Threshold model retrieves the data tape and takes it back to the Threshold Player’s deployment area.