Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mr. Harold's Magical Miniature Review - Loud Ninja Games Space Raptors

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Today I review Loud Ninja Games Space Raptors (Chuhuac) available from

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mr. Harold's Mini Review - Khurasan Miniatures Tracked SuperHeavy Tank and GOTA Clan Command Squad

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Today I ramble on about Khurasan Miniature's Siler Superheavy Tracked tank and the GOTA Clan Command Squad.  I also put the barrel upside down and confuse an engine grate for a bulldozer blade, it's good fun!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Let's talk about Miniatures... let's talk about 15mm... A video overview of a fancy display stand Omega Squad, and VTOL Riders

'Ello everyone!

Here is the latest installment of Mr.Harold's Magical Miniature review.

I talk about a custom display stand from Gamecraft Miniatures and ClearHorizon Miniature's newest releases, the Omega Character Squad and VTOL riders.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Move It! Move It! Let's talk about movement!

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Great suggestions and feedback from everyone so far, keep it coming!

So, my desire with this game is to have the actual mechanics be straightforward, and then have the details and crunchy bits in building the units and scenarios and campaign.

So, it's important to define a standard "average" non-combat person. Perhaps a conscript or civilian.  Right now on a scale of 1 - 10 the average person would register at a 3.  Of course, Special Forces troopers are not average troopers.  Their stats are going to start at more like 5 or 6. That means that most SF troops are going to have twice the ability as an average joe.

Each figure has a Physique rating.  It is defined as:
(P)hysique: A measure of general physical fitness of the figure.  Higher physique indicates the figure can take more damage, run faster, and carry more gear.
Each figure also has a derived rating called "Move" (oddly enough) that details how many inches they can move with a normal walk (like a tactical combat movement).

Right now it is set at:
Move = ((P)/2)+2) +Armor Mods
An average person can probably sprint at 7 mph or so.  That translates into about 1" per second in 15mm (~1/100) scale.

That means an average joe will have a Move rating of (3/2)+2 [Rounding Up]... so 4". That looks about right for the 5 - 10 seconds that each activation is supposed to represent.

A Hell Diver with a Physique of 5, with armor that grants an additional +1 bonus gives a total Physique of 6.  That means they will have a Move of  5".  While not a big gain, it still sounds about right. You don't really want figures zooming across the board, but you want there to be some benefit to being in better shape.

Armor can have both bonuses and negative modifiers to physique. If you have really thick, heavy armor it could slow you down and make it hard to do physical things, but provide better protection.  Of course, the high-tech stuff will not only protect you, but have systems that provide a boost to your athleticism (Physique) as well.

Of course, there will be a run action as well.  Running uses additional actions, and means you can move up to twice your move stat.  This will incur shooting penalties.

How about rough terrain and obstacles?  I'm going to keep this simple.  Rough terrain means each inch through it takes two inches of movement.

Impassible terrain is just that, impassible.  But what if you run up to a wall?  Normally that would be impassible, but say you take an action, move up to it, then you declare you're going to climb over it.  You use another action, roll a Physique test (1D10, equal or less than your Physique) and if you succeed you climb over.  Don't want to take a chance that you'll fail?  Take another action and add +2 to your Physique skill for the roll.

Of course, you don't have to jump over it, what if you have bolt cutters as equipment?  Maybe your Initiative rating is higher than your Physique.  Maybe your fancy bolt cutters give you a +2 already to get through the fence. So, instead of hopping the fence, you cut a hole right through it. And now all your buddies can get through too with just a normal move action.

Ok... thoughts?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Writing a new rule system... because why not OR 15mm SpecOps Skirmish Campaign System

Hi everyone!

So, i've started to put together my own rule set.  I usually play Gruntz! but I wanted something more like "necromunda crossed with near future military ops."

The idea is a game with (almost) unlimited weapon ranges, limited by "to-hit" modifiers. 5 - 15 figures per side, with maybe a light vehicle or so.  Air support, etc.

Check out below for a better idea of what I'm working on... All suggestions are welcome!

Here is the basic outline: (available as a google doc, please comment! :) )

Spec-Ops 15mm Skirmish Game
By Harold

  • Set 150 years in the future
    • Space Travel
      • FTL Through Wormholes
        • Still takes a long time and is expensive
      • Only backwater colonies
        • Miners/Workforce
    • Earth is still most prosperous planet
      • Still conflicts
      • Orbiting space stations
      • Outposts in Solar System
      • Terra-formed moons in Solar System
  • Several SpecOps/OpFor teams to choose from
    • Two “lists” with each “unique” type chosen (US or china for instance) adds modifiers to list. (Should make it easy to add more variants without messing with main lists too much)
      • Formal Military SpecOps Teams
        • US/NATO
        • Russian BLOC
        • South American
        • China
        • UN
      • Mercenaries
        • Religious Extremists
        • Cartel
        • Pirates
    • Built by points
    • 5-15 figures
  • Campaign Rules
    • Scenarios
    • Advancement
      • Skills
      • Improving Traits
      • Requisition new equipment
      • Hire/recruit new folks
    • Territory controlled
  • 2D10 Based
    • Roll equal to or less than your attribute
    • Attributes 1-10, plus modifiers
      • Modifiers for range, movements, camo, etc.
        • Modifiers are added to the roll, (+) for hindrances,( -) for benefits
  • No individual weapon “ranges”... weapons have range bands that effect firing modifiers. (Harder for pistols to hit at range than rifles) but no limits on range.  If you can see it, you can shoot it.
  • Weapon Damage:  Add Armor and Physique ->  Shooter rolls D10, adds Damage, trys to get past the modified attribute… AP weapons reduce armor stat.
  • Reaction System
    • As units move into LOS you get a chance to react to them before they do things
  • Alternating Activation System
  • Rules
    • Drop Pods,
    • Drop Ships,
    • VTOLs,
    • infiltration,
    • camouflage, including cloaking
    • close combat,
    • Morale,
    • leaders,
    • medics,
    • engineers,
    • hackers,
    • ECM,
    • ECCM,
    • drones,
    • fog of war,
    • air support/artillery/orbital strikes
    • Power Armor
  • Lots of equipment
    • Guns
    • Misc Equipment
      • Hacking Computers, etc
    • Armor
  • Vehicle Rules
    • Air Support
    • Bikes
    • Light Vehicles
      • (Maybe 1 – 2 vehicles max per side)
  • Environmental Rules
    • Landscapes
    • Spaceships/Spacestations
    • Urban
  • Encourage tactical play
    • Stacking up bonuses
    • Room Clearing techniques
  • Scenarios
    • Hidden Objectives
    • Different Objectives for each side (sometimes)

1 - 10  (1 is the lowest, 10 is the highest)

Shoot: How skilled the figure is in shooting their weapon. D10 roll, adding or subtracting any modifiers, must be equal to or less than shoot skill to hit

Close Combat:  How skilled the figure is in close combat and with "takedown" moves [like knifing a sentry from the back]

Resolve: How confident the figure is in themselves, their comrades, and their equipment. High resolve figures will follow their orders in the face of overwhelming odds, low resolve figures will often flee at the first sign of combat.

Initiative: How in-tune with the environment the figure is.  Also, a measure of intelligence and competence.  Used for reaction tests along with "action tests" like placing explosives or hacking a computer.

(P)hysique: A measure of general physical fitness of the figure.  Higher physique indicates the figure can take more damage, run faster, and carry more gear.

Derived Stats:

(A)rmor: Derived from armor worn

Damage Threshold: (A)+(P)

Movement: How many inches a figure moves, double for run = ((P)/2)+ Armor Mods [Min of 1]

Actions per activation = (Initiative/2) + 1 [Min of 1]

Wound Tracker: (P)/2 [Min of Unconscious and Serious Wound Boxes]


And here is a mock up of a stat card:

Of course, as I nail down more of the rules, I'll be posting them here.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

ClearHorizon Miniatures - [15mm] Omega Squad and Insertion Team Pre-Orders

Hi everyone!

I just got the Tracked Superheavy Tank from Khurasan and some of his figures i'll be doing a review of soon, but for now, a quick press release :)

The Omega "Character" Squad and Sparrowhawk/VTOL Riders are now available for pre-order!

Save some cash and get them first!

Omega Squad

Six Figures

Hell Diver "Hacker" working on arm computer and with high-tech goggles (Also comes with separate rifle if you want to put it on his back)

Hell Diver Infiltrator/Assassin with Knife and Gun (Also comes with separate rifle if you want to put it on his back)

Hell Diver "Colonel" with cyber eye

Hell Diver "Grizzled Sergeant" with cigar and rifle

Hell Diver female soldier with SMG (Also comes with separate rifle if you want to put it on her back)

Hell Diver Medic

All six figures are available for pre-order for $4.99 USD. Retail will be $5.99 USD

Insertion Team
Also up for pre-order are the Hell Diver "Riders". Designed for the Sparrowhawk Light-Assault VTOL, but usable with all types of vehicles.

Five Riflemen
One Sniper
Separate Backpacks

All six figures are available for pre-order for $4.99 USD. Retail will be $5.99 USD

Also available with a Sparrowhawk-VTOL for $18.99 USD, a savings of almost $3.00 USD!

(The Sparrowhawk and Squad will ship at the same time)

Available at:

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ClearHorizon Miniatures - Syndicate Cartel Greens in the House!

Hi everyone!

Our new 15mm Faction, The Syndicate Cartel greens just showed up on my door step, and soon they'll be out to the caster, but first a photo session!

I'll have the three CombatBots ready to show off soon, here is a preview:

They will have different, interchangeable heads, and an optional shoulder weapon.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hell Divers - New Paint Scheme

Hi everyone,

Just trying a new paint scheme that, hopefully, looks good and I can do fairly quickly.

What do you folks think?