Sunday, February 8, 2015

SpecOps first free supplement: Using Dropships/VTOLs.

I'm starting on the writing of the first free supplement for SpecOps - Using Dropships/VTOLs.

My biggest concern is that if one side has a VTOL/Dropship then the other side needs a way to take it down.
Now, soldiers (once they start to advance) can buy missile launchers, but I'm not sure that's going to be enough. I'm thinking that a more abstract system would work better. Something where the VTOLs can drop off the troops (or exfil them) but can only loiter for a turn or two before they risk being blow up (needing a new mission, and possibly handing the enemy a victory). This would introduce an element of how long do I let my VTOLs loiter before telling them to leave, a risk vs. reward which is always fun.

I'm also thinking if one side bought a VTOL, the other side would get the same number of points to spend on MANPADS, Off-table SAMs, their own VTOLs, interceptors, etc. Basically a separate point pool for both sides. The bigger the VTOL, the bigger the enemy response.

I would have different VTOLs to start based off what I sell: Aurora, Sparrowhawk, Raven, Condor.
What do you folks think? Any suggestions/ideas?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Gruntz Module, SpecOps is now available at!

Hi everyone!

The Gruntz Module i've been working on has now been released for $3.99 at!

You can get it here:

Here is a quick blurb about it:

SpecOps is a Gruntz Module that brings the exciting second-to-second action of Special Operations missions and campaigns to the tabletop.

NEW RULES: New rules for stealth operations, contact blips, hacking enemy soldiers and more!

NEW WEAPONS and EQUIPMENT: Specialist grenades, expanded weapon lists and more armor types to outfit your operatives. Hack enemy cybernetics with SLAM modules!

NEW MISSIONS: Eight new missions along with a branching campaign make running your games easy and interesting.

NEW TEAM TYPES: Choose from eight different types of teams with their own unique perkz each and further customize your troops with Species Traits to represent Aliens and Humans.

NEW OFF-BOARD RESOURCES: Light up your enemy with a UAV drone, or maybe an orbital strike with your new off-board resources.

NEW CAMPAIGN MODE: Advance your skills, build up your equipment stores and nurse your wounds with the new campaign mode that keeps your operatives from game to game.

The Gruntz Ver 1.1 rulebook is required for this module.