Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Gruntz! - Activation Cards Preview

Robin from Gruntz! is showing off his new card activation deck for Gruntz.

I'm very excited about these. I'm working on a simple reaction system for Gruntz as well and I think these would fit in nicely.

I envision using these as follows:

  • Each player is dealt a number of cards based on how many units they have (1:1 for each unit)
  • Each player (alternating) assigns cards to their units. They can assign any cards to any units, even putting multiple cards on the same unit.
  • Everyone reveals the cards and you activate from highest to lowest.

I (ClearHorizon Miniatures) was at the Gamex Convention this last weekend.  I played a lot of demo games and got a lot of folks interested in 15mm gaming.  I look forward to playing more games!