Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hell Divers deploy from a Raven into New Angeles City...

I hope to have the Raven and sparrowhawk in two weeks or so, here is another sneak peak!

Hell Divers deploy from Raven VTOL
(Hell Divers Painted by Timothy Spakowski,
Buildings from Old Crow and Miniatures Building Authority, roads from GameCraft Miniatures)

Monday, December 23, 2013

HEL/DIV SpecOps team conducts a HVT extraction mission...

A Hell Diver SpecOps team infil'd via Raven and extracted the HVT with no team casualties and three enemy combatants KIA.

Drone surveillance screen-caps of the mission:

The raven will be available soon and will retail for $21.99 with discounts for multi-packs.

Tonight i'll be painting up a Sparrowhawk!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gruntz Battle Report - Hell Divers attack a pirate outpost.

Hi Everyone,

I sat down last night to play a quick Gruntz demo game with my wife to show her how the basic rules worked.  I also wanted to see how a demo game would go since I want to schedule some Gruntz demo days at my local hobby shops.

I had a 6-strong squad of Hell Divers and she had two 7-strong squads of pirates/mercs.

The pirates had set up base in an abandoned mining colony and the Hell Divers were tasked with taking them out and restoring stability to the local trade routes. 

The Hell Divers deploy from their Drop Pod and begin to set up overwatch positions. 

One squad of pirates is outside of their shacks, probably gambling. 

A 2'x2' table was used.  Terrain is from GF9 and GZG with other various bits and shuttles from Micropanzer and Combat Wombat.  My daughter left the star shaped snack on the side for the game.

The Hell Divers move up from the Drop Pod, no LOS to enemy targets yet.

Pirate Squad 2 moves around the north side of the board to try and out maneuver the Hell Divers.

Pirate Squad 1 moves directly towards the Hell Divers and takes up cover.

Pirate Squad 2 attempting to lay a trap for the Hell Divers.

The Hell Divers react and open fire on the enemy squad to the north...

...with good effect, downing two pirates. 

The Pirate Squad to the south opens fire and takes out two Hell Divers.

The Auto-Heal nanites go to work on the downed Hell Divers, one without success.  

For revenge for their fallen brothers, the Hell Divers take out the remaining pirate squad to the north with a well aimed shot from the missile launcher.  After the large explosion the Pirate Squad to the south moves into the building to get cover and a field of fire.

The Squad opens fire from above the Hell Divers...

...and three more Hell Divers go down! Although two have superficial wounds and return fire..

Causing one casualty on the Pirate squad. 

At that point the Hell Divers had already taken more than acceptable casualties and snuck away to regroup and nuke the pirate base from orbit.  It was the only way to be sure.

We didn't use all the rules from Gruntz, since it was just a demo game, but we had fun and my wife enjoyed it because she won!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

ClearHorizon Miniatures - Early Black Friday/Holiday Hell Diver Special!

Hi everyone,

No, it's not Santa in a drop pod, but something better!

To get in the spirit of the holidays and sales I've decided to do a Holiday Hell Divers Special!

Early Black Friday and Hell Divers Infantry Holiday Specials!

From now until December 20th we are having a Hell Divers Infantry Special

Two Packs of Alpha Squads and One Support squad is only $23USD!  That's a 15% savings! </b>

Alpha Squad:

(2) Command Figures
(2) High Energy Plasma SAW Weapons
(8) Plasma Riflemen
[12 Unique Sculpts]
Normally $10.99USD

Bravo Support Squad:

(1) Sniper Team (Spotter and Sniper)
(2) AT Teams (AT Trooper and Loader)
[4 Unique Sculpts and (2) Riflemen]

Normally $4.99USD

Normal price for the pack would be $26.97USD, on sale for $23USD!


Monday, November 18, 2013

ClearHorizon Miniatures - Jump Pack prototype, comments and criticisms welcome!

Hi everyone,

Here is my prototype Jump Pack, it just attaches to the back of the hell divers (or any other figure for that matter)

What do you guys think? Is it too big? Not big enough? Etc.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Last week for ClearHorizon Miniatures Pre-Order specials for light and medium attack VTOLs!

Hi Everyone!

I'd like to just let you all know that this is the last week that ClearHorizon Miniatures is offering pre-order specials for it's Raven-Class and Sparrowhawk-Class attack VTOLs.

*please note that these pictures are final WIPs. The Final models have been completed sanded and cleaned, if you see any weird roughness it has been taken care of.

[The Sparrowhawk and Raven next to "Standard" 15mm figures]

The Raven-Class VTOL is designed to not only carry ordinance under it's pylons and a chin mounted weapon, but a 6-strong Hell Diver team in the back.  It can carry up to 14 passengers in an emergency or 3 - 6 power armor troops.

[The Raven]

[The Business end of the Raven]

The rear has a ramp that can be glued in place or hinged, and the bottom is removable if you'd like to model an interior, since the interior is hollow.   It also comes with optional landing gear.

The Sparrowhawk-Class VTOL can carry a sniper team or small team on it's outside pylons and has a heavy support weapon under it's chin.  It is designed for ground support or quick stealth reaction missions.

[The Sparrowhawk]

Of course, these are designed to support the Hell Divers and drop pods which are already available:

[The Hell Divers and Drop Pod]

[Bare Metal view]

[Drop Pod painted by third fate creations]

The deals are:

**Raven-Class Medium Assault VTOL**  *$19.99   (Normal Retail $21.99)*

**Raven 3-pack**
*$55.00  (save over $6!)*

**SparrowHawk-Class Light Assault VTOL** *$13.99  (Retail $15.99)*

**Sparrowhawk 3-pack**
*$40.00  (save over $3!)*

**Interdiction Task Force**  $65.00  (Save over $5.00!)

*2x Raven-Class VTOLs

1x Sparrowhawk-Class VTOL

1x Alpha Squad Hell Divers (12)

1x Bravo Support Squad (6)

Avalible at

Thanks for looking and please let me know if you have any questions!

Each order comes with a Gruntz! Unit card to get them on the table as quick as possible!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

15mm Hell Divers deploy to a Desert Outpost

I got a cool rock wall today from the Model RR store. It's called FlexRock and it's a foam rubber rock face.

I used craft paints to paint the brown, and then drybrush over it. I then put the little tufts on it from Silfor.

I'm very happy with how it turned out. The ground is a "desert sand" small mat from Woodland Scenics.

They make a great backdrop for my photos:

Clearing the outpost...

Snipers in position.

Deploying from the Drop Pod.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hell Divers prepare to engage an ARM Corporation GZG 8-wheel MICV

A Hell Divers AT Team prepare to engage an ARM Corporation MICV security vehicle patrolling the perimeter of an illegal research facility.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

ClearHorizon - 15mm VTOLs Pre-Order Specials added!

Hi Everyone,

A couple of people asked for multiple packs for the VTOLs, so I've updated the pre-orders to give that option:

note: The VTOLs show here still have the finishing work to do, including sanding etc. They should be shipping early December.

Shown with "standard" 15mm figures

(Shows with optional landing gear)
The back ramp can be modeled open or closed, and has an interior space if you want to model an interior.

Raven-Class Medium Assault VTOL
$19.99 (Normal Retail $21.99 USD)

Raven 3-pack
$55.00 (save over $6 USD!)

SparrowHawk-Class Light Assault VTOL
$13.99 (Retail $15.99 USD)

Sparrowhawk 3-pack
$40.00 (save over $3 USD!)

We also have a task force deal:

Interdiction Task Force
$65.00 (Save over $5.00 USD!)

2x Raven-Class VTOLs

1x Sparrowhawk-Class VTOL

1x Alpha Squad Hell Divers (12)

1x Bravo Support Squad (6)

Available here:


Friday, November 1, 2013

ClearHorizon Minis - Raven and Sparrowhawk Assault VTOLs ready for Pre-Order!

Hi everyone!

The Raven and SparrowHawk are now available for pre-orders!


Raven-Class Medium Assault VTOL $19.99 USD

SparrowHawk-Class Light Assault VTOL $13.99 USD

Interdiction Task Force $65.00 USD (Save over $5.00 USD!)

2x Raven-Class VTOLs

1x Sparrowhawk-Class VTOL

1x Alpha Squad Hell Divers (12)

1x Bravo Support Squad (6)

Here are the measurements and part counts:Size.
Raven VTOL.
130mm L x 95mm w x 40mm T. (tip of tail)
rear troop compartment .30mm x 22mm x 20mm

Sparrow Hawk VTOL
90mm L x 50mm w x 30mm T
8 parts

Note: The following deals are only available as pre-orders until the castings come in! Please note, all items will ship at the same time when the VTOLs arrive, which is hoped for December, but there might be delays. If any delay comes up I will email you and advise.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Gem Effect" Tutorial - Painting 15mm Visors on the "Hell Divers"

Hi everyone,

I've been painting up some of my Hell Divers, and I decided to do a "Gem" effect on the visor.

Here is an example of two painted visors:

I start with a dark blue, almost black as the base (mixing the base blue and black):

Then, highlighting from "bottom to top" I paint the base blue in the bottom and left corners:

An example of what my palette looks like:

Next, I add a bit of white, and then do a thin line (about half of the base blue width) along the left edge.  If you do too much, you can black line it, or use a wash (like Army Painter Dark Tone) to get the black outline around the visor again.

What my palette looks like after adding white:

Adding a bit more white gives me a very light blue color, and I add that as thin as I can to the lower left edge:

After that, I add two dots of white to the upper right part.  This usually takes me two or three tries to get it nice and round and where I want.  If you need to go over it just mix a bit of your base with black to get the color back so you can try the white dot again:

After that I will add a gloss coat to make it even shinier, since in 15mm I find that it really helps add a focal point to the face.

And here is a picture from the side:

I originally tried red, but it made them look a bit too like evil henchmen (Cobra!!), so I'm very happy with the blue, works well with the khaki scheme too.