Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"Who's that? That's the Major."

The Major from Ghost in the Shell...

This is a miniature from the Rebel Minis Civilian Hunters pack (

I've been a big GITS kick recently and I noticed this miniature sitting on my painting table loose and I realized she made a perfect major!

I've attached her to one of my laser etched bases.

And from the show:

Any feedback is appreciated!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

New Weathering techniques using enamels and worn effects from AK interactive

I've been working on one of my Hell Diver Power Armor figures and I wanted to try some of the AK interactive weathering enamels that I got.

I painted the trooper black, then base coat of light grey on the armor plates. This represented the primer coat.

I then brushed on a thin layer of the AK interactive worn effects.

Once that dried I painted on the base green color I was after.

I then put a little bit of water all over the model and using a stiff brush and toothpick knocked off some of the paint.

Once all of that was dry I put on decals (using the micro-sol and micro-set) and using the Nato Armor Wash (AK interactive) and Earth Enamel Wash (AK interactive).

This is what i've come up with so far:

I'll take more pictures soon, and i'm going to try and put together a cool "Scene" shot too.

What do you folks think?