Saturday, September 12, 2015

HADES Banshee - Painted

Finished up my HADES Banshee VTOL.

First I primed it black then I airbrushed dark grey and highlighted with light grey.

I then used Anarchy Models Hex Camo masking in select areas.

Then I airbrushed black and then Vallejo Air Color Gunmetal to highlight.

Then I inked with an AK interactive enamel black wash and cleaned it up with a makeup sponge and white spirits.

I then painted various engine parts with Army Painter Uniform Grey, washed and highlighted.

I went back and placed a small white dots where hexes met to highlight the pattern. I also picked out lights and optics with green or red and then green or red ink.

I painted gloss where the decals would go, mico-sol, applied decals, micro-sol again and then another gloss coat.

I then used a Tamyia Flat varnish and picked out the optics and lights with gloss varnish.

You can still preorder it at

What do you folks think?