Monday, March 17, 2014

Writing a new rule system... because why not OR 15mm SpecOps Skirmish Campaign System

Hi everyone!

So, i've started to put together my own rule set.  I usually play Gruntz! but I wanted something more like "necromunda crossed with near future military ops."

The idea is a game with (almost) unlimited weapon ranges, limited by "to-hit" modifiers. 5 - 15 figures per side, with maybe a light vehicle or so.  Air support, etc.

Check out below for a better idea of what I'm working on... All suggestions are welcome!

Here is the basic outline: (available as a google doc, please comment! :) )

Spec-Ops 15mm Skirmish Game
By Harold

  • Set 150 years in the future
    • Space Travel
      • FTL Through Wormholes
        • Still takes a long time and is expensive
      • Only backwater colonies
        • Miners/Workforce
    • Earth is still most prosperous planet
      • Still conflicts
      • Orbiting space stations
      • Outposts in Solar System
      • Terra-formed moons in Solar System
  • Several SpecOps/OpFor teams to choose from
    • Two “lists” with each “unique” type chosen (US or china for instance) adds modifiers to list. (Should make it easy to add more variants without messing with main lists too much)
      • Formal Military SpecOps Teams
        • US/NATO
        • Russian BLOC
        • South American
        • China
        • UN
      • Mercenaries
        • Religious Extremists
        • Cartel
        • Pirates
    • Built by points
    • 5-15 figures
  • Campaign Rules
    • Scenarios
    • Advancement
      • Skills
      • Improving Traits
      • Requisition new equipment
      • Hire/recruit new folks
    • Territory controlled
  • 2D10 Based
    • Roll equal to or less than your attribute
    • Attributes 1-10, plus modifiers
      • Modifiers for range, movements, camo, etc.
        • Modifiers are added to the roll, (+) for hindrances,( -) for benefits
  • No individual weapon “ranges”... weapons have range bands that effect firing modifiers. (Harder for pistols to hit at range than rifles) but no limits on range.  If you can see it, you can shoot it.
  • Weapon Damage:  Add Armor and Physique ->  Shooter rolls D10, adds Damage, trys to get past the modified attribute… AP weapons reduce armor stat.
  • Reaction System
    • As units move into LOS you get a chance to react to them before they do things
  • Alternating Activation System
  • Rules
    • Drop Pods,
    • Drop Ships,
    • VTOLs,
    • infiltration,
    • camouflage, including cloaking
    • close combat,
    • Morale,
    • leaders,
    • medics,
    • engineers,
    • hackers,
    • ECM,
    • ECCM,
    • drones,
    • fog of war,
    • air support/artillery/orbital strikes
    • Power Armor
  • Lots of equipment
    • Guns
    • Misc Equipment
      • Hacking Computers, etc
    • Armor
  • Vehicle Rules
    • Air Support
    • Bikes
    • Light Vehicles
      • (Maybe 1 – 2 vehicles max per side)
  • Environmental Rules
    • Landscapes
    • Spaceships/Spacestations
    • Urban
  • Encourage tactical play
    • Stacking up bonuses
    • Room Clearing techniques
  • Scenarios
    • Hidden Objectives
    • Different Objectives for each side (sometimes)

1 - 10  (1 is the lowest, 10 is the highest)

Shoot: How skilled the figure is in shooting their weapon. D10 roll, adding or subtracting any modifiers, must be equal to or less than shoot skill to hit

Close Combat:  How skilled the figure is in close combat and with "takedown" moves [like knifing a sentry from the back]

Resolve: How confident the figure is in themselves, their comrades, and their equipment. High resolve figures will follow their orders in the face of overwhelming odds, low resolve figures will often flee at the first sign of combat.

Initiative: How in-tune with the environment the figure is.  Also, a measure of intelligence and competence.  Used for reaction tests along with "action tests" like placing explosives or hacking a computer.

(P)hysique: A measure of general physical fitness of the figure.  Higher physique indicates the figure can take more damage, run faster, and carry more gear.

Derived Stats:

(A)rmor: Derived from armor worn

Damage Threshold: (A)+(P)

Movement: How many inches a figure moves, double for run = ((P)/2)+ Armor Mods [Min of 1]

Actions per activation = (Initiative/2) + 1 [Min of 1]

Wound Tracker: (P)/2 [Min of Unconscious and Serious Wound Boxes]


And here is a mock up of a stat card:

Of course, as I nail down more of the rules, I'll be posting them here.