Friday, October 12, 2012

"What's on the Paint Desk?" Friday - Casualties markers and Heavy Weapons

I've got a couple of things I'm painting up right now...

First off is a group of 6 casualty markers from GZG. These are great, they are NAC troopers and they can be used as waxed tokens for gruntz, or even as details in a scenario.

I have two painted up already and i'm working on these six.  I have another six to paint after.  They come in 9 to a pack, so I ended up with a bit!

I'm also working on some heavy weapon specialists.  I like the heavy grenade launcher weapon, so I ordered a pack.  For the base I just cut a circle out of thick plasticard.  I didn't have any washers around and pennies were too small.  I'm going to stop by a hardware store tomorrow and stock up on washers.

Anyways, these guys are pretty cool! 

I was also going to work on my gun emplacement but unfortunately I received two parts that were the bases by mistake and didn't get the chair for the gun.   

I e-mail Jon over at GZG and he was very nice and I asked if I could put in a small order since he was shipping me something anyways.  I ordered the new Gauntlet APC with a turret and the mule fast attack thing:

(A heavy weapon to go along with my trikes!)

(I love these hover designs, I have one as a SWAT vehicle, and two as Combat Cars [open topped]. I figured a IFV would be a great addition for when my troops can't fly in)

Well, since the part was so small, and the stuff I ordered is pretty heavy I felt bad that Jon was going to have to foot the whole bill for shipping, so I offered to pay my part of the shipping.   Jon ended up only charging me a couple of pounds for shipping (hooray!) AND he threw in a free NAC mini that was just released.  I don't know what it is, but it matches my troopers and it's brand new!  He said he literally just got it out of the new mold.

Well, I did see on Dropship Horizon the new GZG previews (
and this was the only new NAC thing:

So I'm going to hope it's that!