Sunday, September 27, 2015

Top floor of the hab pod for the HADES Strike Cruiser Persephone

The Top floor of the hab pod for the HADES Strike Cruiser Persephone.

All furniture from Mad Mecha Guy.

I need to get armory racks, med bays and etc... probably from National Cheese Emporium… That will all be for the first floor.

The bay is big enough for my smaller vehicles and the Aurora. The other pod with four bay doors I think is even big enough for my HADES and Apocalypse, although I haven't have a chance to test yet.

Super excited about this, and I think I could even do a small game just in here. It also has a helipad on the roof section, this pod could be dropped off somewhere as a temp HQ for operations.

And here's a WIP of the full spaceship:

Any suggestions for detailing?


  1. Hey, if you let me know what you're wanting from my shop, I can bundle it into one product code and save you a bunch on the setup charges that Shapeways attaches to each product when ordered individually. javelin98 AT lycos DOT com

    Loving your project! Absolutely inspiring.


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