Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Battle report Video Up! - New and UPDATED

I've completed the first of (hopefully) many video battle reports!

Any comments or suggestions would be welcome!

See Below for Video:

We have another battle coming up Friday, and this time it will be a close-in battle in a research lab...


I really appreciate all the advice people have sent my way, and I reworked and I've uploaded an updated video... I've included better quality images, pictures of minis, and a description of events.  Hopefully  this will give a better report *grin*


  1. Nicely reported!

    Hard to even come close to that for an AAR

  2. Way cool! What software are you using to put these together? Adobe After Effects?

  3. Jeeze Louise you are having some serious fun!
    Nicely done buddy.

  4. Cool battle report well done buddy.


We welcome any comments or suggestions!