Saturday, October 27, 2012

Workbench: New Arrivals from GZG!

I got my replacement part from GZG, and a bunch of goodies!! (Along with an order from Khurasan Miniatures...)

Mini-Mule 6 wheel light buggy with autocannon mount (with NAC driver/gunner figures).

Heavy Plasma Cannon on groundmount, with UNSC/L gunner

NAC "Halftrike" light load carrier, supplied with driver, gunner and two alternative weapons.

Light Crawler with Pickup Bed and Optional Improvised Armoured Bed from Khurasan Miniatures
(A much better casting than the original, no print lines at all. I wanted one more but he was out!)

Gauntlet IIT Hover MICV Turretted version of Gauntlet APC, supplied with 3 gun options included

Heavy Autocannon (with NAC gunner)

I really like this stuff, and I can't wait to prime it all tomorrow and get working on it!!


  1. I really like the light crawler. I feel I need to buy a couple!

  2. Loving the mule and half tracks.

  3. GZG- top gear and great service- what's not to like?

  4. I agree the Mule is neat, and the half-trike reminds me of a high-tech "Kettenkrad" (WW2's coolest vehicle). The light crawler reminds me of a heavier version of Khurasan's rock hopper or whatever it's called.

  5. @Allison M.:
    Same sized base model with a few tweaks and refinements (like the hollowed out tread units, and printed at a higher resolution). The pickup-bed armor is an optional piece.


  6. I received a crawler last week, I probably got the extra one you wanted!

    1. Blast you! I have two of the older ones, but the print lines are bad enough that I never got around to painting them. This new one is tops though!!

  7. Is the Light Crawler GZG? The body looks resin, but I thought he only worked in metal.


    1. My bad, just added to the description. That one is Khurasan Miniatures' new re-worked rock crawler.


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