Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HMWPV - High Mobility Wheeled Patrol Vehicle - GZG Armed Mini-Mule

Painted up this guy yesterday.

I really like it! Which means, of course, I'll have to get a couple more some day :)

I can see it patrolling streets, or even colony worlds.  Lightly armored, but with a heavy machine gun, it provides heavy firepower support quickly where it's needed.

It can also keep up with my Motorbike unit, providing some nice support for them.


  1. Nice work!

    makes me think what I need to do with my MULE.

  2. Nice work. I really love small attack vehicles. Must be the Ork in me or something.

  3. Maybe not the heaviest hitter in your force, but well suited to counter-insurgency and "crowd control" duties when those colonists get a bit uppity. And of course well-painted with judicious decal usage.

  4. very nice looking little vehicle, well done as always!

  5. Nothing more exciting than a quickly paced vehicle chase, maybe 2-3 of these with 6 of the NAC's painted to match the driver/gunners. They could be a commando team trying to make it out of the area, b/c they've just lowered the plasma shields in preparation for a massive bombing raid on the capital. Imagine falling planes and bombs, while getting shot at from "Interior Guard" forces out for revenge in some of those super cool "sci-fi little birds". -sorry for the big post, i got a bit inspired by the mini

    1. Love it! THat sounds awesome...

      Reminds me of the snowmobile chase in the Black Ops 2 game... so frantic and explosive!

      I see chases down a valley coming soon.

    2. Excellent! i look forward to it highly. I was thinking of an early CoD game, an expansion to the very first one actually. But that is also an excellent example lol. (and suddenly i realize how many small fast vehicle chases the series has in it )


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