Thursday, October 18, 2012

Camera Setup

Hi All,

Here are a couple of pictures showing my photo setup:

The Top light gives a nice overall lighting of the scene.  The lights in front are at the same level of the miniature.  This allows for all the areas to be filled in.  I wasn't using any reflectors or anything to soften the light so I simply pulled the lights further back.  This allowed it to diffuse a bit.

Here is a different view. 

I like to separate my background from the miniature enough so that I get a slight blurring of the background from the depth of field. 


  1. Thanks for showing the lighting setup, what are the white polygons.

    1. Haha, my wife asked the same questions, I was just showing the direction of the light... I guess I didn't come off as clear as I could of :)

    2. Just so people don't think Sean is crazy I had pics with polygons showing the direction of the light overlaid up there, but I was replaced it with just the regular photos...

  2. LOL I was looking for them as well and was thinking huh? Nice to see your setup. I could do with investing in some lighting at some point.

  3. Thanks, I thought that might be the case but kept on wondering if they were chunks of foam core. Reducing their opacity or putting a directional arrow would have driven it home for those of us with lack of imagination. I'm just glad I didn't ask about the unicorns ;).

  4. back of the net!

    Cheers Harold!


    keep an eye out for the post in the next week :)


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