Sunday, September 9, 2012

Threat Recon Photo...

A quick recon photo from the spy satellites:

I got another Falcon Halo Micro Ops... this one I put the seat in from the first one I had.  The provides seating for 6 troops in the passenger section.  I have another order out to GZG to get more seated troops.

Each of the Kestrels holds a four-man squad with a drone, the lead Falcon gunship holds the commander and has two door gunners.  

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  1. This really is a badass blog. I have to say that the level of detail and artistry in your work is to be saluted.


  2. Superb mate look forward to seeing it crewed up

  3. Looks good. Your setup is really nice and I like the photos you take. Keep them coming.

  4. Ah, that's freaking cool. Im getting a definate "space black hawk down" from this particular photo for some odd reason

  5. Looking splendid as always! If I used vehicles, I'd be looking at these too.

  6. Nice! You're on a roll, Mr. H.


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