Thursday, September 20, 2012

Miniatures Exchange minis received! And IDF!

I received the two shipments today!

First from John Bear Ross:

A great HAMR suit!

I really like this model, and the katana hand is awesome!

And then from Steve over at Firebase Ares 15

The grav tank and CMG troopers are great.  I like the basing enough so that I'm gonna have to steal the technique!  And the gang taskforce from Rebel minis are the icing! They'll be a great commando force.

And then, on my end, here is my IDF squad painted:


  1. WooHoo! You made out like a bandit! The HAMR by JBR is a real beauty! I sent you my 'secret recipe' for basing. Hope it's useful ;)

  2. This project just gets better and better, Mr. H.!

  3. Hey man great stuff, just wanted to ask what manufacturer are the IDF troops? I'd love to pair them up with the Merka 5 tanks from Rebels minis! Thanks!



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