Monday, September 24, 2012

Current Workbench: GZG Trikes, Medics, and more!

Got my (birthday present to myself) order from GZG Today!!

I got two packs of the seated NAC for my VTOLs...  I have them glued one foot to a penny so I can actually prime and paint them.  These are really cool, I can't wait to have them all seated in their transport!

Here is one of my Medics for Gruntz (they are a specialists that can removed wound markers and save squad mates)... I glue them to the penny, then use superglue around the edge of the base and then sprinkle on sand.  I found this way gives me the cleanest looking bases and avoids buildup on the base or their feet.

I ordered four of the GZG trikes.  I really like these. Right after I ordered the GZG NAC specials came out, but that's OK.  These will be a great fast attack troop to bug my opponent.  I'll use them to capture objectives, flank enemy forces and generally be a pain in the butt...  I might add a heavy weapon to one of the bikes, probably something anti-tank to help take on some Mechs.

The final squad I need to repaint yellow and grey... soon!

This is my favorite invention in the whole world...except I don't use the spray:

I unscrew it and use the other end to dab (stop saying dab!) small amounts so I don't get kicker everywhere.  The new version is supposed to be less toxic, and smells oddly nice.  The only problem with applying it the way I do is that when you're clumsy you knock the bottle over and it goes everywhere. Whups.

And more! I have some standing heavy gunners, two kneeling grenade launcher teams, more medics, and a fixed heavy gun.


  1. You sure know how to draft a military unit, Mr. H. Those bikes are sweet!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I really like them, I wasn't too sure, but they rock. I wish I had another unit! :)

  2. I love those GZG Trikes too. Gorgeous.

  3. Lots of cool toys on the go. I love units like the trikes look forward to seeing what you do with them. Especially if you do anti-tank upgrade on one

  4. Yep, all of the above. I use the same technique with figures that have no base when priming and painting. I currently have the crew of an Old Crow combat car hanging on to coins by just their toes! Great work Mr H.- this and all of your stuff I've seen since......well, ages!


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