Friday, September 7, 2012

15mm Halo Micro Ops Falcon Converted and Kestrel

Finished up my Halo Micro Ops Falcon today, really happy with it!

It has two GZG NAC gunners and a seated GZG NAC inside.  I need to get another one.  I think I have a blackhawk 1/100 scale sitting around some where and I might take the seats from that and put it in my next falcon.

I also added missiles on each pylon from an Apache kit.

The dome on top is from a Tau accessory sprue.

What do you guys think?


I also re-painted my "Alpha Teams", replacing the yellow with gray, and I figured out that they actually have armor on the front of their legs:

And here is a side by side shot:


  1. I have to find me some of those Falcons... I like the grey pants, btw.

  2. Really nice conversion, Mr. H.

  3. Neat conversion. The colour scheme does look better

  4. That is incredibly badass. The two types of flyers there go well together.



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