Monday, February 6, 2012

Black Dossier EX-COM: Project Blue Book (A Strange Aeons Supplement)

Here's my start! Any feedback is appreciated!

Black Dossier
EX-COM: Project Blue Book

“The U.S. Air Force, and by extension the United States Government, officially ended the inquiry into Unidentified Flying Objects on December 17th, 1969.  The official stance of the U.S. Government was that there was no threat to the National Security of the Nation.”

“EX-COM, or Extraterrestrial Command, was established on December 18th, 1969.  Its primary mission is to investigate and neutralize the Extraterrestrial threat to the United States and the World.  Through a secret treaty it has worldwide jurisdiction and is given the extraordinary latitude in its methods”

Types of Missions:
Note:  Instead of map pieces, each mission can possibly give you Alien Artifacts, dead specimens, live specimens, or live command aliens.

Crashed Spaceship: Your interceptors have forced an enemy spaceship to Crash land, go in and mop up survivors and retrieve any “specimens” and technology.

Landed Spaceship:  Your base radar has detected a landed scout ship and it’s time to send in the containment teams.

Small Terror Invasion:  Aliens have landed in a populated area.  All resources must be brought in to stop them and contain the classified nature of the threat.  Civilian casualties are a secondary concern but should be kept at a minimum.

Requires live specimens:
Abducted Civilians:  The aliens have abducted a group of civilians, your mission is to retrieve as many as possible, while as the same time making bringing the fight to the aliens to make them think twice about abducting humans again.  If possible capture any command aliens present.

Supply Ship: We’ve established the timeframe and location of the next supply ship to the still-hidden alien base.  Intercept and retrieve as much technology and information as able.  Also, if possible capture any command aliens present.

Requires captured live Command Aliens:
Alien Base:  Through advanced interrogation techniques we’ve learned of an Alien Base operating on Earth. Locate and retrieve as much technology and information as able then destroy with extreme prejudice. 
Special Equipment (Requires Alien Technology)
Plasma Rifle (require X number of Alien Artifacts) 
Laser Rifle (require X number of Alien Artifacts) 
Laser Pistol (require X number of Alien Artifacts) 
Psy-Control Device (require X number of Alien Artifacts) 
Powered Armor Suit (require X number of Alien Artifacts)  


  1. very nice overall scenario and history. Looking forward to some contact with the US and Aliens.

  2. Sounds good. I'm looking forward to more.

  3. Thanks guys! I'll be fleshing everything out pretty soon here! If you have any suggestions i'd be happy to hear it :)


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