Wednesday, November 5, 2014

[WIP] Taskforce 414 Operatives...

Still have the heads and matte varnish to do... And then putting them on bases.

I'm going to put them on my laser cut acrylic bases, but haven't decided whether to have them on clear bases or painted bases.

What do you folks think of clear bases?

This is a painted version of the base i'll be using:


  1. I haven't seen much done on clear bases. I found this link and it looks totally ace. But I also look at my 15mm stuff and note most figs have good sized integral bases. I think you would want to cut off most of the base otherwise it will look weird. This all sounds like a *lot* more work.

    Maybe trial 1 of each and re-solicit opinions?

    1. I would cut off all the base and just have the feet on the clear base...

      I'll have to try one of each and see what everyone's opinion is :)


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