Sunday, November 9, 2014

Expanding ECM/Fog of War in Gruntz...

So, there is already a great neural net system in gruntz, but I was thinking about ways to expand it and provide a bit of fog of war.

I'm thinking instead of units on a table each unit would be represented by a numbered token, and each army would get two dummy tokens.

Until a neural net roll is made you have to have LOS to a token to uncover it. Each unit can make a roll as an action, specialized units get bonuses. The rolls would be opposed, with a target number of 10.  The attacking (sensing) unit would have to beat 10 AND also beat the opponent.

The skill stat would govern these checks and there would be perks for improved or less ECM capabilities or stealth.

Some perk ideas:

Advanced Sensors

The BOGINT perk would give an extra token.



  1. I really like the idea of blinds in games. You could always require a roll to remove a blind even with LOS, but give a huge bonus. Concealing terrain, stealthy, etc would give mods.

    I would probably limit the blinds to foot traffic OR have vehicle and infantry specific blinds.

  2. I like the idea, it reminds me a bit of the camouflage mechanics used in Infinity. Which I still like, altough I stopped playing the game in favour of others.
    I also liked X-com because of this FoW mechanic, it kept you on your toes.


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