Friday, February 14, 2014

Video Reviews by Harold: Gamecraft Miniatures 15mm Scale Marshborn Tomorrow's War Building By Harold

Hi everyone,

I did a video review over on Dropship Horizon and I thought i'd share it here. It was fun to do, and I'll be setting some more up.

If you have any comments or suggestions i'd love to hear them! Thanks


  1. Very useful review, I have been eyeing those exact houses for a while now, like you say the walkways literally ad a whole new layer.

    Something I have been meaning to ask, is there a way to get hold of seperate helldiver heads? I recall the masters had the heads and torzo's cast to make them uniform so I'm guessing there might a chance for them? I have been seeing some interesting models around that I might want to use with the helldivers and giving them the same helmets would really tie them together. The same goes for the backpacks tough I'd prefer same heads over same backpacks.

    1. You know... I have some stuff being cast up soon... I'll have to ask if I can get that done.


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