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Something a little different: PF's Indeigogo campaign for 28mm Alien Shocktrooper Squad

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to give the heads up to a cool indiegogo campaign by PF for squads of his 28mm aliens:

In brief:
The project will use fixed funding. This means that if it doesn't reach the amount we're asking, you'll get your money back.This project is about the production of a multi-specist alien squad at 1:56 scale (28 mm). The miniatures will be cast in metal.
Each alien will have two different heads. Most of them have separate arms and a couple of them have separate legs too. Since the torsoes are the same for most of the squad, you will probably be able to make some combos we haven't thought of.
The guns have been made via computer by the excellent and very cool John Bear Ross (or JBR) and the troopers with putty by Pierre-Fran├žois Jacquet (or PF).
The squad:
1) Dylothian squad leader:
2) Tabili shocktrooper:
3) C' crysh shocktrooper:
4) Nabh shocktrooper:
5) Hent squad leader:
6) Lord of Xaam sniper:
7) Majalan shocktrooper:
8) Gobarite shocktrooper:
9) Kurabian shocktrooper:                         
10) Ovolo shocktrooper:
Why make an Indiegogo campaign?
This squad is already a reality. The models have been made. We even had some samples done and painted as you can see.
The models now have inserts so they aren't too difficult to assemble.
Now, we need your help so we can make some new moulds. They will be made by an independant profesional mould maker.
If you think that in a far future where there is mostly war, there aren't enough species to annihilate, help us produce the toughest aliens in the galaxy! ; )
What do I get if I help?
You get unpainted miniatures. 
For 21 EUR, you will receive a five "man" squad. Choose A or B squad.Shipping included in European Union. Add 3 EUR outside of European Union.
For 36 EUR, you will receive a ten "man" squad. A + B.Shipping included in European Union. Add 5 EUR outside of European Union.
For 60 EUR, you will receive two squads of ten aliens (20 miniatures). Once again, the aliens have two heads and some arms may be swapped or reposed so you could have twenty different aliens. However we don't want you to be disappointed so if your hobby skills are very limited, choose a lesser pledge level.  

Shipping included in European Union. Add 5 EUR outside of European Union.

For 100 EUR, you will receive two squads of ten aliens as described above (20 miniatures). Plus you will work with us on designing an unique alien head of one of the obscure species of the Federation so you can have your own fav guy. It will be truly unique as we will send you the head sculpt along the casts of the miniatures. The head will be sculpted in duro/ green stuff so it is resistant and durable.

For 300 EUR, you will receive two squads of ten aliens (see 60 EUR pledge). Plus you will work with us on designing a new unique shocktrooper of one of minor species of the Federation so you can have your own fav guy. We will send you the original sculpt as well as ten casts of it. We will keep a few casts for us as a souvenir. The price might seem high but we'll try to make the alien as you wish it to be so we're talking about a complete new sculpt (plus a mould for it). If you're interested and think we could reuse some parts of the armor already made, we might consider making two guys instead of one. We'll discuss it privately.There might be an additional delay for this level. 
Will there be some bonuses in case the campaign is a success?
If we raise 4500 EUR, we will add a dr'akk armed with a heavy weapon and you'll receive it in addition of your minis. Citizen and scout levels excluded.                  
If we reach 5000 EUR, we will add an officer and you'll receive it in addition of your minis. Citizen and scout levels excluded.
If we have more money, we have a couple of other bonuses to add but we'll see and we'll tell you in updates. 
Do you have some other pictures of the miniatures?
Yes. Please see the following link for more pictures including bigger ones, back views, pictures of the sculpts with several angles, comparison pictures, etc. it be possible to buy the miniatures from you if the Indiegogo campaign doesn't succeed?
No, that's very unlikely.
When will I get my toys?
Once the Indiegogo campaign is over, add one or two months for mould-making and then say another month for shipping everything and you receiving your package. Let's say june 2014. We find it more reasonable to tell you this than promise you'll have the squad sooner and disappoint.
Risks and challenges:
The squad is 95% finished. Things to do are:
-a second head and a new set of arms for the C'crysh. We will show you them before the end of the campaign as well as some other pics.
-the moulds.
So we're confident things shouldn't get much delayed and that you will have your shocktroopers in a few months as mentioned above.
A bit of background:
The species among the Federation are many. Not all of them can join the shocktroopers. They need to meet several criteria:
-They must be able to carry and use the Unifier MK I gun. It usually means they got fingers but that's not mandatory.
-They must be able to feed on the Standard Nutrient Of Troops. However, some species may join the shocktroopers because they can live without eating for long periods or can buy and carry their own food.
-They must be able to understand the orders. They may be transplanted with the Federation Universal Comprehension Kit for that. They don't need to be able to speak. They're shocktroopers not diplomats. Each shocktrooper gets an additonal chip for pinpointing him or her in case he or she is lost or missing. Non commisioned officers and Officers on theaters of operations are chosen among the species able to express orders through sound, usually vocal cords.
-They must have a minimum level of tolerance toward other species. Some species among the Federation are actually better at warfare than the ones found in the federal shocktroopers but if they can't live and fight next to other races, they are usually enlisted in special auxiliary forces such as the loors.
For more blahblah about the most encountered species in the shocktrooper corps see there:
These miniatures aren't toys and aren't suitable for children under the age of 14.These miniatures require assembly.

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