Monday, January 27, 2014

Infinity in 15mm - A quick board preview

Hi everyone,

I've been working on learning the rules to Infinity and converting all the ranges to 15mm scale (80%, so each inch = 2cm and I reduced all the templates down to 80% as well.  I did this because instead of normally 25mm bases I use US pennies which are ~20mm).

I'm also making a suitably high-tech looking board, only 2x2 at the moment though.

The tiles are from Warsenal and you can see the top and left side ones are finished and highlighted with an airbrush.  The bottom right one has just been primed.

The barricades and planers are also from Warsenal.

I have an order from GameCraft miniatures of his marshborn buildings and walkways, since I wanted to give this board a multi-layed look.

I plan on modeling the interiors too, to give even more play area.

And here it is with Old Crow Apartments on it...

I'll post more up as I get more finished!


  1. Nice idea Mr. H- I was quite interested in Infinity, but unwilling to go up-scale, or even do any 'conversion' work on the rules for 15mm. I watch with great interest!

    1. I hear you for sure... but all the rules and templates and stuff are free on the website, which is nice. I was able just to take the templates, reduce them 80% in PDF and print, laminate and cut. And for all the ranges a 1" = 2cm is pretty quick conversion. We'll see how it goes once we actually do it. I have all the actual books and they are very nice, with great background pictures.

    2. I used a ruler to mark a length of off-cut MDF into 20mm increments. This makes any game that uses inches for 28mm playable in 15mm. No conversion needed.

  2. Wow. Really looking forward to seeing how this progresses. As you know I've got all the kit. I've read the Infinity rules, but haven't tried them out. A 2' x 2' or 2' x 3' board should be great for Infinity or The Department in 15mm.

  3. Sounds good, Shall be following this with great interest.

  4. Mr Harold, I love it. As always your city terrain looks incredible. I'm also immediately jealous of your fancy pavement bases- I think I'll have to cut mine up a bit more to make them more science-fictiony.

  5. really nice set up! I will be following this with much intrest, like the conversions as well.

  6. Thats great. I've been doing some thinking about rewriting Infinity myself. Mainly to reduce the number of hidden rules and make things quicker to reference.

  7. This is looking really good so far. I'm excited to see the Marshborn buildings and walkways fully painted.

  8. I love the tables players put together for Infinity. Very interested in 15mm infinity tables.


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