Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gruntz Battle Report - Hell Divers attack a pirate outpost.

Hi Everyone,

I sat down last night to play a quick Gruntz demo game with my wife to show her how the basic rules worked.  I also wanted to see how a demo game would go since I want to schedule some Gruntz demo days at my local hobby shops.

I had a 6-strong squad of Hell Divers and she had two 7-strong squads of pirates/mercs.

The pirates had set up base in an abandoned mining colony and the Hell Divers were tasked with taking them out and restoring stability to the local trade routes. 

The Hell Divers deploy from their Drop Pod and begin to set up overwatch positions. 

One squad of pirates is outside of their shacks, probably gambling. 

A 2'x2' table was used.  Terrain is from GF9 and GZG with other various bits and shuttles from Micropanzer and Combat Wombat.  My daughter left the star shaped snack on the side for the game.

The Hell Divers move up from the Drop Pod, no LOS to enemy targets yet.

Pirate Squad 2 moves around the north side of the board to try and out maneuver the Hell Divers.

Pirate Squad 1 moves directly towards the Hell Divers and takes up cover.

Pirate Squad 2 attempting to lay a trap for the Hell Divers.

The Hell Divers react and open fire on the enemy squad to the north...

...with good effect, downing two pirates. 

The Pirate Squad to the south opens fire and takes out two Hell Divers.

The Auto-Heal nanites go to work on the downed Hell Divers, one without success.  

For revenge for their fallen brothers, the Hell Divers take out the remaining pirate squad to the north with a well aimed shot from the missile launcher.  After the large explosion the Pirate Squad to the south moves into the building to get cover and a field of fire.

The Squad opens fire from above the Hell Divers...

...and three more Hell Divers go down! Although two have superficial wounds and return fire..

Causing one casualty on the Pirate squad. 

At that point the Hell Divers had already taken more than acceptable casualties and snuck away to regroup and nuke the pirate base from orbit.  It was the only way to be sure.

We didn't use all the rules from Gruntz, since it was just a demo game, but we had fun and my wife enjoyed it because she won!


  1. really interesting scenario, hadn't thought about pirate assaults yet. I have to say, the Hell Divers seemed a bit outmatched, but maybe that was bad rolling or something of the sort. None the less, an excellent AAR

    1. I held back a little, but I forgot to put up where the Hell Divers took out the rest of the northern pirate squad with a well placed missile launcher shot :) I also didn't use their melt-away ability or the stronger attacks of the SAW.

  2. You should of put Rusk's against them.... Real men!

    See I told you'd I say that! :)

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  4. Nice game Mr. H. The 2'X2' board is my favorite size gaming area. Quick to the fight and everybody gets engaged quickly. Also great scenery, something for every trooper to get behind.

  5. Great game! I echo Jay's sentiment- I broke down and ordered 2 new 2X2 zuzzy mats last month.

  6. Nice report, great pictures. That overhead shot of the field makes great reference on how to set up a skirmish board, with lots of cover and multiple paths. I also found it interesting to see Gruntz on a 2x2 board... for some reason I had it in my mind that it was only suitable for larger battles.


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