Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Gem Effect" Tutorial - Painting 15mm Visors on the "Hell Divers"

Hi everyone,

I've been painting up some of my Hell Divers, and I decided to do a "Gem" effect on the visor.

Here is an example of two painted visors:

I start with a dark blue, almost black as the base (mixing the base blue and black):

Then, highlighting from "bottom to top" I paint the base blue in the bottom and left corners:

An example of what my palette looks like:

Next, I add a bit of white, and then do a thin line (about half of the base blue width) along the left edge.  If you do too much, you can black line it, or use a wash (like Army Painter Dark Tone) to get the black outline around the visor again.

What my palette looks like after adding white:

Adding a bit more white gives me a very light blue color, and I add that as thin as I can to the lower left edge:

After that, I add two dots of white to the upper right part.  This usually takes me two or three tries to get it nice and round and where I want.  If you need to go over it just mix a bit of your base with black to get the color back so you can try the white dot again:

After that I will add a gloss coat to make it even shinier, since in 15mm I find that it really helps add a focal point to the face.

And here is a picture from the side:

I originally tried red, but it made them look a bit too like evil henchmen (Cobra!!), so I'm very happy with the blue, works well with the khaki scheme too.



  1. Love it. They look really good. I can't think of a good paint scheme to paint mine. Such nice sculpts. I will probably copy your tutorial on the visors.

    1. Thanks! What kind of terrain do you have? How about an urban scheme? A grey with a wash might work!

    2. I actually dont have any terrain yet. Was looking at blue moon, brigade, critical mass, gamecraft and mad mecha guy and thinking I would buy a little of each and create a more urban setting. I might try to do urban camo with black webbing/gear. Just worried it won't stand out enough in 15s.

    3. Maybe base with black, and then paint each panel and pouch with a light grey? Give a nice contrast?

  2. great stuff they look very effective. Thanks for sharing the SBS
    Peace James

  3. Nice job the blue is definitely better! Great tutorial!

  4. thanks for the tutorial, I"m going to use it on Armored vehicle vision ports.

  5. Fantastic work - those visors look amazing.

  6. Sharp! And not easy to do at this scale either. I've only done... a couple and each was a real effort to get it looking good.


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