Thursday, October 3, 2013

A short story for a scenario...

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share a quick story I wrote that I plan on making into a Gruntz Scenario.   I enjoyed writing it and might actually expand it at some point.  Regardless, feedback is always welcome, especially if you have any ideas for the scenarios or future ones!

A slight rain fell in the darkness as the second moon started to pass behind the horizon. The red glow of magma vents to the northeast could now be seen illuminating the clouds above their position. In front of them, in the valley, was the FTL Satlink facility and even at this great distance the hum from the machinery could be heard.

SFC Orten adjusted the rangefinder/designator that he held up to his helmet. Even though the helmet was one of the most advanced pieces of warfighting gear in the Fed Army the bulkier designator was needed to signal the inbound stealth space cruiser. Orten and SFC Cortez had been sitting on this precipice for over two days now, waiting for the power couplings to be installed in the new ARM FTL Satlink facility. Destroying the facility before it was installed would be a minor setback, destroying the facility with the rare and very expensive power couplings installed, however, would be a major blow to the illegal ARM operation. It also allowed for a convenient excuse for the destruction since power couplings had been known to go critical if installed incorrectly.

ARM was trying to bypass normal GalCom permitting procedures and had actually destroyed a shuttle containing council inspectors. They had claimed that the cause of the shuttle’s destruction was accidental, but intel gathered by RECON-3 had determined otherwise. Even with evidence in hand, command classified this operation as BLACK clearance and had wanted the destruction to look like an accident.

The stealth cruiser GCS Vertigo had a transit time of two weeks which allowed Orten and Cortez time to smuggle themselves and their equipment on planet and setup an observation post overlooking the target. Their mission was to infiltrate undetected, gather intelligence and designate a drop location for the HEL/DIV squad. Once on-ground the squad would quietly take out any guards and destroy the facility. The resulting explosion would vaporize anything within a kilometer radius including any evidence that the “Hell Divers” were ever there. At that point both teams would exfil via a Raven-class VTOL and rendezvous with the GCS Vertigo.

ARM had setup a defensive network around the facility, so drop pods were necessary to deploy the squad since the AA emplacements were too dense for the Ravens. ARM also had a full company in reserve stationed less than two clicks away, so if the Hell Divers encountered too much resistance or got bogged down, ARM would be able to bring heavy reinforcements in. A squad of Hell Divers might be one of the most dangerous warfighting units in the galaxy, but they’re still no match for a full company of tanks, APCs and troops.

The countdown timer shown on the HUD inside of Orten’s helmet reached T-1 minute and Orten spoke for the first time in seven hours.
“Tee minus one”
Cortez responded with a curt “Copy” and adjusted his sniper rifle’s scope. He had it trained on one of the two armored vehicles that comprised the sentry unit.
“Little Bird to Nest, DZ designated, red to green”
“Little Bird, this is nest, red to green copy, standby”
“Little Bird, we are green”

As the last words were spoken two streaks screamed in from orbit and impacted directly outside the facility, kicking up a huge cloud of dust knocking over several light poles casting the facility in darkness. Cortez’s helmet switched instantly to a thermal view, “Engaging”, and he triggered his phased heavy plasma sniper rifle. The white blue plasma reached across the distance in an instant and impacted the side of the first armored APC. The vision slits began to glow and moments later the vehicle was engulfed in a large explosion.

Orten’s voice was monotone and focused “Hit for good effect, transit to target two, zone niner six”
Cortez echoed the tone and focus, “Niner six, copy”, and re-adjusted his aim to the second vehicle.


  1. "Light 'em up, boys; and cook'em real good!"

    Great intro to the game scene!

  2. I want them to be released even!

    nice write up!


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