Monday, July 22, 2013

CMG Kickstarter package arrived - VTOLs and Mechs... and my new painting table.

My CMG kickstater package arrived.

I got a Assault Mech, an attack VTOL, and a transport VTOL.

I also got a squad with two drones.

I'm very happy with the vehicles, the VTOLs have a very "Future European Union" look to them.

The three for size comparison, and some of the original ZAS.

Ravager Assault Mech
Galacia Transport

Strikehawk VTOL

And also, i've put together a new painting table with a secretary desk from ikea and some of their LED and halogen lamps:


  1. nice looking desk, we expect to see your output increase now then :)
    Peace James

  2. My package came in as well. Gorgeous stuff.


  3. For those of us who missed the Kickstarter, any idea when the new models will appear on the CMG website?


  4. Lovely, really like that

    oh and the minis are ok to :)

  5. @BB When I asked last month, Craig at CMG said "after September".

  6. Like the transport, looks very sci fi rather than just a helicopter with no rotor

  7. I like the look of the flying gear- two more things to put on the shopping list!

  8. Nice acquisitions, Mr. H. Your man divot is really cool.

  9. Missed out on this KS I wished I'd known about but at least I can get some when they get put in the store :)

    They look superb especially the aircraft.


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