Monday, July 29, 2013

ClearHorizon Miniatures - Power Armor - Concept

Hi everyone,

While my drop pods, figures and other projects continue to move along (I should have the drop pods in hand, and ready to sell very soon!) I had my concept artist mock up some power armor for me:

What do you guys think?

And another view:

I'm leaning towards one-piece, cast in metal, and three poses.  Not sure about the shoulder weapon, or just attach a 2-missile micro-missiles launcher to the other arm.

Three to a drop pod, or can be dropped from orbit (much more risky) with a detachable ablative shield.

What poses would you like to see?


  1. Like the over the shoulder MML better (might be too discreet on the fig otherwise).

    As for the pose, not sure what would be a good equilibrium between the "great realistic cautiously advancing SF" of your infantry and a certain "giant robot stiffness", but try going that way!

    1. Good points!

      I would like the poses to still be "tactical"... even one in a crouching position I think might work. They might be walking tanks, but even tanks can get taken out!

    2. From a painting standpoint I think the over the shoulder weapon would stand out better at 15mm. I would buy some either way.

  2. I don't have anything sensible or creative to add as far as poses are concerned, but I am keen to see the drop pods and figures when they arrive, which seems imminent! How will the figures scale with other manufacturers- on the 'smaller' side of 15mm, or, say, the Armies Army/GZG size?

  3. I must admit I really like the concept. Never thought much about the size of the weapons at 15mm so that something bare thinking about it. Its one of those things that if finely detailed may get lost when a coat of paint is applied.


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