Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pictures of my photo setup, and some more "atmospheric" photos...

Hi everyone,

Here is a photo of my photo setup (how meta is that?)

Sorry it's a little blurry...

And some photos with a blue background.  The blue background is a blue folder I found laying around.

Not sure how I feel about the horizon here...maybe I should paint mountains on the blue?

A little cheerier now that the gloom has gone away and it's blue skies.


  1. Impressive. Blue skies says it all. BTW, the grass land stuff is to fight over! Nice!

    1. Thanks Jay, what do you think of the horizon? Does it look weird?

    2. No. IMHO, we are (1)looking at a scene where the ground is rising to the horizon, and (2) if on this planet there are no other geological obstructions between this recon squad's point-of-view and the blue skies off-planet, then it fits perfectly. I find it helpful when inserting a background into my pictorial scenes, that if I use a few words in an intro to the scene, or in a caption in the picture itself, to set-up in the mind of the viewer what the setting in the scene actually is. This should work to answer the mind's question of "What's going on here?" Nice work. And I hope your business endeavor is very successful, Sir.

    3. Thanks Jay! I appreciate your well-thought out comment.

  2. Very nice! You might want to try more bushes along the edge to help blend the horizon in more. I've also seen stock photos used to nice effect as the background.

  3. Perhaps some clouds. Although the clear blue sky might show a summer setting.
    Nice setup anyway


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