Friday, January 18, 2013

Newest GZG NI Squad - With Converted Heads from GZG

Hi Everyone,

I had pictures of these guys up in my group shot, but the matte varnish acted a little funny (I think I put it on too thick) so I had to re-apply with my brush.  I use brush on varnish since I've had some problems with the spray variety.

Anyways, I've converted up three of the squad members with heads from GZG.  Two have NVG on, and the "SAW" gunner has the bald head with a cigar.

I'm also trying to paint more ethnicities in my force, to show a more diverse force.  I realized that I usually just paint the same skin tones, and since I enjoy painting faces that it would be fun to experiment.


  1. I like the head swaps, they look like a grizzled veteran squad with the mixture. Nice work sir!

  2. Very good experiment. Variety, especially in character-heads, always spices up the scene for me.

  3. Always an interesting variation, the head swap- nice work. As a matter of interest, which 'brush on' varnish do you use? I have used Vallejo, but it seems to dry gloss rather than matt!?

    1. I've found the same thing, but the trick is that it has to very thin, almost thin enough that it feels like its drying as I put it on. Any thicker and it's more gloss than matte. I use this stuff:

    2. Thanks very much Mr H. Your blog is a constant source of inspiration!

  4. "All right sweethearts...rise and shine! Another glorious day in the corps!"


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