Tuesday, January 22, 2013

GZG - UNSC/L Squad with a UNSC/H Atatachment

Finished my first squad before the reinforcements arrive:

I have another two squads (at least) and another couple of UNSC/H inbound... so I wanted to get a scheme down with the ones I already had 

As always, feedback is welcome!


  1. Nice colour scheme - I have a bunch of UNSC Lights waiting for inspiration.

    Interestingly, the new UNSC Hardsuit doesn't seem as armoured as the old style ones. Now, they don't seem to match the Lights as much as they seem to have similar armour but different helmets.

  2. Nice colour scheme there, liking it. Do enjoy those figures.

    Though I must admit, not a fan of the hard suits, as they don't really seem to match the light suits in style really.

  3. Great looking group. I like the gold visors especially!

    1. Yep, another vote for those amazing gold visors. What paint is that? It seems so smooth and shiny. I don't think mine gives such a nice finish.

  4. Nice work. Are the figs here from the command pack?

  5. Like the colour scheme especially the gold visor will have to borrow that one.


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