Monday, November 5, 2012

GZG NI (New Isreali) Test Paint

Hi all!

I re-discovered my GZG NI, and I guess I never really looked at them before, but they're awesome!

I have 3 squads of 5, (2 w/ plasma, 1 w/ missile), 4 jetbikes, and 3 support weapons.

Here is my test paint, what do you guys think?

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated!


  1. GZG's New Israelis ARE awesome! They're what I used for the first incarnation of my mercenary unit, the Adamantium Dogs. If you like them in 15mm, you should see them in 25mm. You did an excellent job on yours.

  2. I really like the black visor! Nice job, I may cave in and re-buy some of these guys one day.

    1. Thanks! I added some gloss to make it stand out a bit...

    2. I agree with Jacker. I'd even go so far to say that the visor is the focal point of your paint job. Super, Mr. H.

  3. Very nice mate. Liking the dark scheme.

  4. I like your painting.

    I also have some 15m NI, and I'll probably use them for a Xcom project

  5. Nice earthy scheme for the fatigues- yep, GZG do some cracking minis, and as usual, you have done them justice!


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