Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Building Interior - Made with Shuffler from Papermakeit

I put this together last night:

I'm going to be making a bunch of them for action that takes place inside of my buildings.

Next I'll be making an apartment building.  I'll just make one floor and re-use it.

This is for my Embassy game, but it could easily be a small research lab.


  1. Great idea. Certainly looks better than a schematic drawing. If possible, would you give your followers a quik synopsis of the availability and functionality of the PaperMakeIt program. Thanks. I for one am very interested.

  2. And here I've been, using the Ikea apartment planner website to design game boards ;)

    1. I'll have to look into that... Shuffler is missing some kitchen bits... maybe I can do something with the Ikea one! Although, I don't imagine the Ikea program has dead rats and blood splatters ;)

  3. Any chance you would share these layouts with fellow Shuffler users?


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