Monday, June 4, 2012

5150: New Beginnings as Shadowrun - Solo play - First Job

Well, I've been going through my 5150:NB.  Got a character made and started to roll up the first job.  I'll be playing solo.

I'm using the Shadowrun universe.

First, my character:

Name: Jovan Cross
Race: Human
Gender: Male
REP: 5

Class: Merc
Motivation: Profit

Steely Eyes

Fit 5
People 3
Savvy: 4
Sci: 0

Profession: Merc
Field of Expertise: Small Unit Tactics

Armored Jacket

Wpns: Assault Rifle, BA SMG, BA Pistol, Flash Bang

Targeting Computer
Lock On (Smartlink)
-Lightning Reflexes
-Data Storage

Jobs that came up through my Fixer:

Medium Size Corporate Executive for a Break/Entering for a specific Item
Me: 1 Success  Him: 2 Successes

Not Hired, but can interview again

Embassy for Security
Me: 3 Successes Them: 2 Successes

Hired - Job Accepted

Local Government for Security
Me: 2 Successes Them: 1 Successes

Offered - Job Not Accepted


Embassy Job:

Who: Tir Tairngire Diplomat
Where: Downtown Seattle at the Tir Tairngire Embassy
What: Security
Pay: 6 Items
Threat: Assassins (Mercenaries)

When: 0300 hours
Law Level: 5

Weather: Inclement all encounter, LOS reduced to 6"


Very excited about this job, going to run it in a couple of days...


  1. Go you! This sounds like lots of fun. How will you work Magic in 5150? A form of ranged attack?

    1. I'm not entirely sure yet. I'm going to use the alien abilities (the Razors seem to have some type of "magic") and otherwise I'll use the goal system...

  2. Can't wait to read it! I've to run my next 5150:NB adventure...

  3. Realy looking forward to a Bet Rep on this. I've never seen 5150 NB play. If I like it, I'll be adding it to the birthday list.

    1. Thank you! Check out this blog for a great AAR:


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