Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gamecraft 15mm MDF Laser Cut Terrain - Initial Impressions

I ordered the 15mm landing pad, 2 of the Human Refugee huts, a small module, and a garage module. Along with the 3D additions to it.


They went together really quick, and look great! I'm especially happy with the landing pad, as it fits my Khurasan Miniatures spaceship perfectly.

I'll be posting up some pictures tonight on my blog, and I'll be painting them up on Thursday.

I look forward to ordering more from GameCraft, really cool stuff.

Because it's MDF laser cut, it has a slight camp fire/smokehouse smell to it... it'll be interesting to see how long that takes to dissipate.


  1. Thanks for posting-I'm interested in the landing pad particularly, and a personal review is really helpful!


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