Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Strange Aeons Terrain

My buddy and I have been making terrain for our strange aeons game.

He made the cave outta pink insulation foam and the sacrifice table from stacking little rocks.

I've gotten most of my lurkers, need to start painting them, and then I'll post some pics.

Here are some shots of the table:


  1. Great terrain to play on. I myself play also SA at 15mm scale.

    Are those trees home made or who sells them?

  2. http://www.grandcentralgems.com/scale-model-trees.cfm

    They are the pine trees made from this company bought at my local RR shop... a pack of the small trees and a pack of the medium ones.. How do you convert the ranges for 15mm?

  3. I just use a ruler that has been downscaled 60% :)


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