Saturday, September 12, 2015

HADES Banshee - Painted

Finished up my HADES Banshee VTOL.

First I primed it black then I airbrushed dark grey and highlighted with light grey.

I then used Anarchy Models Hex Camo masking in select areas.

Then I airbrushed black and then Vallejo Air Color Gunmetal to highlight.

Then I inked with an AK interactive enamel black wash and cleaned it up with a makeup sponge and white spirits.

I then painted various engine parts with Army Painter Uniform Grey, washed and highlighted.

I went back and placed a small white dots where hexes met to highlight the pattern. I also picked out lights and optics with green or red and then green or red ink.

I painted gloss where the decals would go, mico-sol, applied decals, micro-sol again and then another gloss coat.

I then used a Tamyia Flat varnish and picked out the optics and lights with gloss varnish.

You can still preorder it at

What do you folks think?


  1. Fantastic work.
    The airbrushing black and gunmetal, I'm guessing this is a fairly light shot from a distance. A directional highlight?

    1. I actually did it fairly close and over all the curves. It's hard to tell in photos but in real life the effect is more pronounced.


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