Monday, July 7, 2014

ClearHorizon Minis - Kickstarter Hura Squads Updates - And we're already at 111% with 3 weeks to go :)

Hi everyone,

First off, thank you all for you support, being at 111% and still having three weeks to go is way beyond my expectations, thank you!

We have the latest update to our kickstarter! Already Funded and almost at the first stretch goal!

Here are the start of the poses for the Hura:

Hura squad

1x command already sculpted

1x heavy like command but with helmet that covers middle of head and a bit more body armor plates and round forcefields generators (small) holding larger quad barrel weapon with all four arms
4x same as heavy load out with small gun
A) firing with small arms. Big arms and legs walking forward
B) firing to left holding gun with small arm and big arm, other small arm and big arm to the side
C) kneeling with small arms firing, big arms at ground
D) kneeling as above but gun lowered

And there will be one more:

Holding the gun in the small arms in a firing position but using his legs and large arms to run, a bit like a gorilla


And Sean (the sculptor) had this to say:

Attached is a pic of the Hura armatures and bulk ups. As before I'll add the small set of arms after the body is done so they don't get in the way.

I added a bit of height to them so they look taller, I'll correct the Command model that is already sculpted so he is the same height as well. I only added about 1mm of height.

I thought the legs looked "stumpy" compared to what the artwork showed.Attached is a pic of the Hura armatures and bulk ups.


And he's also working on the Epsilon heads as we speak and should have something soon!

Any feedback is always appreciated!

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