Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hell Divers - New Paint Scheme

Hi everyone,

Just trying a new paint scheme that, hopefully, looks good and I can do fairly quickly.

What do you folks think?


  1. Looks pretty good... actually sort of like early winter camo. I can picture an armour system where the under-suit is a fixed colour (olive green) and the plates display a different camo tone to suit whatever environment/climate the Hell Divers dive into.

  2. Works pretty well, specially the visor. Maybe whites should be a cooler shade (clean white, grayish instead of brownish)

  3. I like it. Good contrast between the green and the pale khaki, with a nicely executed visor.

  4. Very nice, Harold, and an interesting contrast to your previous Hell Divers- excellent!

  5. I do like your choice of color for the helmet faceplates. I'm a sissy and too tame with my visor colors. You're a brave man, Mr. H.


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