Monday, November 18, 2013

ClearHorizon Miniatures - Jump Pack prototype, comments and criticisms welcome!

Hi everyone,

Here is my prototype Jump Pack, it just attaches to the back of the hell divers (or any other figure for that matter)

What do you guys think? Is it too big? Not big enough? Etc.



  1. Is this being designed specifically for the hell divers? If so I think it is too bulky. One of my favorite aspects of the hell divers is the slender and toned look. I would honestly prefer something much smaller and less boxy.

    That being said, if this were a jump pack for a bigger, bulkier and more power armored unit I think it is spot on. It really matters what you want to put it on.

    1. That particular model is thicker than the final would be. It's scaled up along one axis to account for the compression in mold making. The end product will be about 10% thinner. That's the technical stuff.

      I like the bulk. since somewhere in there you need to store enough fuel and have enough lift to move the trooper around.

  2. As a Jumper, I would want this larger unit to move me to my drop destination. But as soon as I hit dirtside, I would want to jettison a portion of the unit, and then be able still to maneuver and fight in then air with a lighter unit, for a certain amount of time before jettisoning the entire disposable unit, and joining the infantry.

  3. I think it would could use just a but of blast and suction shielding on both ends. Perhaps make the businesses ends a bit more rounded then they are now other then that it looks good.

    I do like Jay's idea of jump packs having drop tanks, the way modern fighters sometimes do. However on the other hand these would probably use some form of fusion as that fits the hight tech vibe.

  4. And on a more personal note, I was already looking for jump packs for my helldivers... guess I need to wait just a bit longer.

  5. Could do with some form of shielding around the exhausts to prevent the troopers legs being burnt off if he arches his back :) otherwise excellent.


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