Friday, October 25, 2013

Another painted Hell Diver. Decal test with Khaki

Trying something a little different: 

I think the decal works well on this color.  What do you guys think of the faceplate?


  1. i find that this scheme works VERY well,

  2. I like the scheme but IMO think the red faceplate is not quite right. I'd of perhaps done orange or an electric blue.

  3. It certainly changes the look of them. Makes them, to me, less of the good guys and more of the bad guys.


    1. They do kind of have the cobra commander look with the red!

  4. I think the paint scheme looks great, & I like the red faceplate - it might benefit from a touch of orange in the upper portion though. I'd possibly gloss varnish the faceplate too.

  5. Interesting scheme, this way they to me look like rough mercs who might work for any side of a conflict of the price is right. The higher end gear suggests an at least decent intelligence and not to suicidal either.

    I am considering painting them in a scheme like the war-machine elves bleak white armour and Turquoise visor on a green-gray uniform.

  6. Red + strong emotion. This guy might be a part of a combat unit that is known for its quick, complete, and savage action.


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