Monday, September 23, 2013

Looking for an Airbrush Compressor, what to look for?

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to get an airbrush compressor around christmas time or so.

I have a nice Iwata airbrush already, and will be using canned propellent in the meantime.

I see the "cheap" ones on amazon, and the more expensive ones in the shops and I'm not sure if it's worthwhile to save a buck, or just spend the extra $40 (or whatever) and get one that will last.

Do you fine folks have any suggestions?  Small and quiet would be pluses.



  1. I was looking for one before, but have put off the purchase somewhat indefinitely. I tried using a shop one, but had huge problems with proper pressure control.....which makes getting good results impossible from what I can tell in my (limited and irritated) experimentation.

    I had my eye on this one as one that had gotten good reviews....but is pricey.

    This compressor caught my eye as well, but I've read less reviews on it. The price is substantially better however....
    (And a review:

    Again, I have used and seen neither, so my recommendations shouldn't carry too much weight. Might be a good place to look for more feedback though.


  2. Go for the more expensive one generally. I will not name brands but cheap ones never work properly. We have gone through a few and learned this! Also the small compressors are quite quiet about 30db which is tv background noise.


  3. Try this website:

    I have one of their 100 psi , 3 gal compressors. Works fine for me. I also use it for spraying cabinets etc.

  4. Ive owned Two cheapies of ebay now, one with and one without a tank. Both have been perfect. I find you can cheap on a compressor but never on the airbrush itself.

  5. Go for oil less and with a tank. I got this one - Its very good.

    AB-AS186 Mini Piston type "0n-demand" compressor with receiver for Airbrushing Ref: AB-AS-186

  6. Check out my tutorial on airbrushing go to my blog , then tutorials on the right to get there. It discusses air compressors a bit. If your looking for a hobby compresor a eurotec 10A is about the quietest it gets. It needs a tank, but you can add that. Silentair is more expensive (and I suspect the same thing) but they typically have tanks. My eurotec 10A has lasted me 5-6 years now of hard use. Note put a fan on it to prevent overheating. I mounted two computer case fans onto it with zipties. I have a single breaker to turn it all on. I should post pictures at some point... hrm...


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